Billy Poer
He/ Him/His
Regional Organizing Director, Warren for President

Billy Poer is the Regional Organizing Director for Warren for President in Fort Worth. He has been involved with politics and community activism in Texas, and the city of Denton where he resides, since 2014. Prior to this current cycle, Poer organized for Battleground Texas, Hillary for America, and local DFW races ranging from city council to congressional races. Poer graduated from the University of North Texas in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Economics and as a McNair Research Scholar.

During his time at the University of North Texas, Poer was involved in the University of North Texas Student Government Association; first as an intern, and then as an elected senator from the College of Arts and Sciences. Immediately following his undergraduate career, he served as a Democratic Congressional Intern within the North Texas DC program. He is currently back in school at his alma mater for a master's degree in Advanced Data Analytics. Beyond this current election cycle, Poer hopes to influence local political spheres by working to pass city ordinances that legislate towards progressive values. Despite an affinity for national political campaigns, Poer believes that change is best affected at the local level.

Outside of work, Poer has a one-year-old son named Oliver. Oliver just recently learned how to walk and talk.