Benjamin McAfee
He/ Him/His

Benjamin McAfee has been public speaking since 2014 and has participated in panels at conferences, universities, health fairs, high schools, nonprofit organizations, treatment centers, and at faith-based organizations. Passionate about speaking to university students, Benjamin enjoys giving them insight in thriving in academia while living with mental health challenges. Benjamin seeks to serve as a role model for students who may feel misunderstood by the education system and gives them tangible tools for them to succeed. He was featured in Silence the Shame podcast entitled My Life DEPENDS on My Mental Health. In addition to public speaking, Benjamin is a published writer, and was featured in the award-winning BP magazine, one of the most widely read sources for Bipolar Disorder. His writings focus on intersections of identity related to vulnerable populations ranging from LGBTQ+ to mental health disorders. Benjamin was also selected by the national chapter of Mental Health America to be part of the Demi Lovato mental health listening tour in 2014, in which he shared some of his experiences living with bipolar disorder.

While earning a Master in Public Health at Emory, Benjamin worked as a policy analyst at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. These experiences cemented Benjamin's passion to continue to advocate for people who live with mental illness. Benjamin currently has created his own business that focuses on academic life coaching, public speaking, and administering workshops. He is also the founder of My Campus Health, an online platform that addresses the needs of college students challenged by mental health disorders and other disabilities.