Benjamin Hernandez

Benjamin Hernandez is the Founder and CEO of Human Age Digital, a digital advertising firm providing advocacy tools to political organizations and mission driven nonprofits. Human Age Digital believes that sophisticated digital outreach should be accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Hernandez served as the Chief Financial Officer for Houston Health, where as the top fiscal and administrative advisor he oversaw a $150 million annual budget to provide public health services for Houston, Texas. In 2018, he resigned from his position and left his career to become a candidate for United States Congress. Although unsuccessful in his bid, his campaign laid the foundations for the digital advocacy work that he is now leading.

Hernandez serves on the board of the Beacon Day Center to support Houston's homeless community find permanent housing as well as the board of the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans to mentor and inspire the next generation of Latino leaders. On a national level, he's an Executive Board Member and Treasurer for the American Public Health Association, as well as an alum of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship where he is actively engaged in further strengthening the transatlantic partnership between the United States and Europe.