Ben Sharpe
He/ Him/His
President, Evergreen Strategies, LLC

Ben Sharpe is the President of Evergreen Strategies, a digital and political consulting agency that specializes in email fundraising, digital advertising, and graphic design. He is born and raised in Florida, with degrees in International Affairs, Anthropology and a Master's in Applied American Politics and Policy from Florida State University. With six cycles of political experience and an eye for detail, he has excelled as an integral part of statewide campaigns and national organizations. He has experience in every facet of campaigns, beginning as a field organizer for Obama for America in 2008, then gaining finance experience at the Florida Democratic Party, transitioning to communications, and then becoming the Digital Director during the 2014 cycle and adding Research Director to his title during the 2016 campaign cycle while at the Party.

What drives him is his desire to make the world a better place, and the best way he can use his skill set and deliver upon that goal is focusing on helping Democrats win elections at the local, state, and national levels. During his free time when he isn't working to help elect Democrats, he enjoys watching movies, volunteering with local environmental groups, and being on the water in Tampa where he currently resides.