Becky Reinhart
Director of Community Programs, DeSales Community Development

Becky Reinhart is Director of Community Programs at DeSales Community Development, a community-based non-profit development corporation serving the historic Fox Park and Tower Grove East neighborhoods of St. Louis City. DeSales was founded in 1976 to promote the ongoing growth of St. Louis neighborhoods as healthy, diverse urban communities with quality housing. The organization fulfills its mission through the development and management of affordable housing, community programs that build social and human capital, and ongoing, iterative community engagement and planning efforts.

Becky Reinhart received her MA in Applied Literary and Cultural Studies at TU Dortmund University in Dortmund, Germany in 2013. Prior, she received her BA in American Studies and Spanish at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2009. Becky joined DeSales in 2017 having developed her career in community-based nonprofits at Beyond Housing and Operation Food Search.

A resident of the Tower Grove East neighborhood, she is delighted to work for an organization that serves the city she grew up in and the neighborhood that she calls home. In her role as Director of Community Programs, Becky has the opportunity to engage with everything from youth sports to housing development. She finds the dynamic, organic nature of community development work and the ongoing opportunities it presents for learning and growth to be extremely exciting and rewarding.