Balkissa Mahamane
Kiewit Corporation, Business Transformations Analyst

Balkissa Mahamane, MBA, MEd, works at Kiewit Corporation and consults on a part-time basis for smaller organizations through Excellence Insights Consulting, setting them on the path to achieving excellence in their daily operations. She is living her passion of making people's lives and processes better by supporting entrepreneurship, education and community service. She is a Teammates mentor, a SCORE Volunteers and a member of the Omaha JCI.

As a board member, in charge of international relations, Balkissa led Agaji (Assistance) through a global expansion now positioning the nonprofit organization as an international nonprofit connecting active global citizens in the USA and Africa. The organization provides capacity-building support for rural initiatives. To support Agaji’s mission, Balkissa promotes the Diaspora Cares Network calling the African Diaspora and friends of Africa to collaborate and leverage global resources to inspire their communities.

A successful entrepreneur herself, she is an alumnus of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, where she was awarded for La Grande Académie School in Niger, West Africa. She decided to start this school to create an environment that will enable children and parents to experience better, to aim for a higher purpose and to own and improve their living conditions. All members of the school community are engaged thanks to our strategic partnerships. Children receive a world class learning experience during the academic year and their parents receive literacy, entrepreneurship, health and environmental-resilience education during the summer periods. This project will not have been possible without the support of Agaji volunteers on the ground in Niger.

Her favorite self-made quote is that “to live in the world of possibilities, we must transcend our cultural boundaries”. Observing that in cultural terms, the rural world, in developing countries and in developed countries, is experiencing the same challenges in diversity, inclusion and acceptance. Therefore, she developed a global competencies and cultural exchange initiative for USA elementary schools, The World Tour Program. It allows g children to view and experience this greater world through other children’s eyes, a perspective each party can relate to easily.

The Great Academy Education a unique human capital development model that invites rural communities from developing and developed nations into the global, diverse and progressive community of innovation, equipped with tools and resources enabling them to defy poverty.