Austin Eldridge
Volunteer Programs Manager, ACLU of Texas

Austin Eldridge is currently the Volunteer Programs Manager at the ACLU of Texas, a civil rights organization that works in the courts, the legislature, and through public education to fight for smart justice reform, for immigrants' rights, racial equality, LGBTQ equality, and abortion access. He oversees volunteer programs in Houston, Brownsville, and Dallas, where volunteers take action to protect the rights of protesters, disseminate know your rights materials about encounters with law enforcement and immigration enforcement, spread awareness about the power the District Attorney has, testify against gerrymandering, and act as election protection monitors.

Austin's passion for fighting for progressive causes and for a more equitable Texas stem in part from his experiences growing up LGBTQ in a conservative family and being estranged from them as a result. Recognizing his privilege in being able to get away from that situation and graduate from the University of Houston, Austin got involved with advocacy by volunteering for Battleground Texas. Soon after, Austin was brought on as a field organizer for the 2016 election cycle where he ran a canvass team in Harris County to engage and turnout Black and Latinx voters. Seeing the election results on both the local and national level, and knowing the fight for a more equitable Texas had become more difficult than it already was, made Austin's commitment to fighting for progressive causes grow even stronger.