Ashleigh Robinson
Development/Administrative Associate, Allied Arts OKC

Ashleigh Robinson is a passionate community member, dedicated to finding the best ways to build up those around her through effective volunteerism and leadership. With deep rooted love for the special needs community, pediatric medical care, and the arts, Ashleigh has spent all of her young adult life raising funds and awareness for these causes.

Growing up in a military family set Ashleigh's life in a direction of service from the beginning. While service through the military wasn't her calling, creating a better world for her little sister, Danielle, was. Their mutual interest in music and performing encouraged Danielle's habit of telling everyone they are twins, but Danielle is 3 years younger than Ashleigh and has Down Syndrome. Watching Danielle grow up showed Ashleigh where her life of service should be directed. On top of the obstacles that come with having Down Syndrome, Danielle was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 16.

Inspired and deeply impacted by the things she'd seen her sister go through, Ashleigh has spent countless hours speaking about the importance of inclusion for all abilities. She has been an active advocate for cancer research and the funding of complex and intensive pediatric medical care. Currently, Ashleigh serves on the Speakers Bureau for the Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital and continues to speak at events for the American Cancer Society, Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma, and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

As a native Oklahoman, she loves her state and the people that come from it. Ashleigh was crowned Miss Oklahoma City in July of 2019, and will compete for Miss Oklahoma in June of 2020. Ashleigh received her bachelor's degree in Music from the Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University in 2019. Ashleigh is a Christian and loves to sing jazz music, bake brownies, and sew in her free time.