Anoop Sheth
He/ Him/His
Chief Medical Officer, Healthbloom Solutions LLC

Anoop Sheth is a physician leader with specialization in Internal Medicine/Clinical Informatics with a passion for driving technology innovation. He has led many large-scale healthcare institutions throughout the country with system-wide software implementations and workflow optimization. Anoop's primary focus has been on quality and error reduction in the clinical setting. His clinical and technology perspectives have helped deliver quality and effective healthcare to thousands of patients globally. Additionally, his passion for system improvement has been instrumental in his strategic leadership in healthcare startups focused on the health of individuals with both acute and chronic diseases. Anoop's broad-based experience as a physician in multiple care settings inclusive of urban and rural medical centers allows him to solve complex medical problems. His work with patients has served to save and improve lives through the years. Anoop has a clear understanding of the complexities and intricacies of how information technology impacts health care delivery with a history of leading in the healthcare industry, technology delivery, and pharmaceutical industries.