Anh Tran
Executive Analyst-Community & Resources Coordinator, City of San Jose

Anh Tran is currently an Executive Analyst for San Jose City Manager's Office of Emergency Management where she works to manage the development of communities as well as allocate resources, build public-private partnerships, and the City's asset capabilities. Anh started her public service journey when she was studying to be a clinical nurse. She later changed course and went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Administration. Right after graduation, she joined the San Francisco Department of Public Health's (SFDPH) Director's Office, where she learned to further develop her management and communication skills by working with the department's various executive directors in different roles and capacities for the offices of Compliance & Privacy, Policy & Planning, Communications, supporting the Chief Architect and the Director of Public Health. Anh's unique and fluid position at SFDPH provided her with opportunities to understand the challenges and complexities of the healthcare system from the perspective of the provider, organization, legislator, and finally, how it all impacts the patients. Anh's motivation to improving care continuity in healthcare and social services became the catalyzing force behind her completion of a Master of Science in Health Policy and Law at the University of California, San Francisco and U.C. Hastings Consortium. Her capstone focused on the development of patient shared care plans and rapid risk assessments, drawing from her previous work experience in data analytics and customer service during her time at Stitch Fix Inc., as well as her understanding of direct patient care and healthcare organizational management.

Anh's various experiences allowed her to work in all stages of the healthcare continuum, from direct patient care, to healthcare management in organizations (both in hospital and governmental), as well as exploration of the laws and policies that shape the healthcare system's delivery of services to the community, and how the community's social resources can work to bridge the gap between emergent care to long-term quality of life. Anh is working to explore yet another component of the social service and healthcare network: community disaster recovery and resilience. She hopes to bring together stakeholders across industries to build partnerships and augment collective resources so that government, businesses, and communities, especially vulnerable populations and individuals with access and functional needs, can recover and thrive after disasters.