Angelina Nguyen
Director of Research & Statistics, Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry

Angelina Nguyen is passionate about serving disadvantaged refugee and immigrant communities through public policy and writing. As a child refugee who resettled in Minnesota, the main issues that affected her family and community are dear to her heart: intergenerational economic mobility, mental health, racial equity, and trauma healing.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Science in Economics, and minor in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. After doing direct social service work in the neighborhood where she grew up, she wanted to affect systemic change at the policy level. She went on to earn her Master degree in Public Policy and International Development from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She has served in Minnesota's state government for the last six years. Currently, she is Director of Research & Statistics at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, where she directs a team of researchers whose work informs policies that ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.

In her personal time, she finds self-expression and healing in art. She writes and publishes her work on, a personal blog from a Vietnamese refugee perspective. She's working on a book about Vietnamese unity and healing. She is also the founder and owner of Angelina Nguyen Photography, through which she visually documents diverse families' stories, weddings, graduations, and special events.