Angela DeFelippo
Tarrant County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Administrative Assistant & Political Organizer

Angela (Angi) DeFelippo, a native Houstonian, relocated to the Dallas - Fort Worth area to organize autoworkers for respect, better wages, benefits, and a place at the bargaining table. Over the course of a year, she began working with the Texas AFLCIO as a Political Field Organizer. Angi ran multiple political programs in Senate District 10, which led to being recruited to the Tarrant County Central Labor Council. Here she works as an Administrative Assistant and Political Organizer. As a member of the TCCLC, she works to engage, educate, and organize union and non-union community members around different issues.

Angi is dedicated to moving society towards tearing down oppression and focusing more on strengthening the working class. Through her positions with Young Active Labor Leaders, Secretary-Treasurer for both the State and the DFW area, she is able to engage with young workers to fight for their rights, educate the new workforce, and build power against oppression. These members then continue to educate and fight for a progressive change in Texas. A Co-Chair for the Texas Working Women’s Committee, she engages with women statewide, educating on rights, how to protect themselves, how to build a movement, and mentor other women in the workplace. Angi is also a member and the Treasurer for the Democratic Socialists of America’s North Texas Chapter. As a member of this organization, Angi is aligned with issues surrounding civil rights, limits on corporate power, healthcare, education, getting money out of politics, and reproductive freedoms.

Through multiple training programs such as Ruth Ellinger Labor Leaders School, TX AFLCIO’s Organizing Institute, Labor Notes, and extensive training programs Angi has been successful in organizing companies and communities. She has an Associate of Applied Science, Biotechnology and is looking forward to rejoining academia in the near future to continue her education.