Angela Cruz
Regulatory and Government Affairs

Angela Cruz, a first generation college graduate, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from Nova Southeastern University in December 2013. Throughout her undergraduate career, she became a Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). On the year of her graduation, the (USG) won the Student Life Achievement Awards (STUEY's) for Best Student Government of the Year. Furthering her education, Angela obtained a Master in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University in 2017 and became President of the Master of Public Administration Student Association. During her master's studies she worked at the university's office of student financial aid, educating students on student loans, credit, and being financially responsible through workshops and one on one counseling. This in effect, helped decrease the Cohort Default Rate of the university.

During her current role in Regulatory and Government Affairs, she prioritizes the legislative and regulatory needs of the company and performs research and analysis that the company uses for government affairs. Angela has experience in creating and managing government relationships, preparing legislative information and resources that are helpful to policymakers.

Her passion for public service is omnipresent, as she enjoys volunteering to assist with voter registration with an emphasis in helping Hispanic communities become registered. Angela has assisted in local political campaigns because she has a passion for not only improving her community but also the nation. Angela believes that the leaders of today can change our tomorrow. In her free time, Angela loves cooking especially for her family. She often attempts to recreate her favorite meals from restaurants at home. Her favorite meals to cook are Italian and Latin food.