Andrea Florit
Medical Assistant, Skin and Cancer Associates

Andrea Florit is a Venezuelan-Spanish-American. After the Spanish Civil war, her grandparents moved to Venezuela for a more prosperous life. There, her parent's met and decided to expand their family, to which Andrea was born. Soon after, her father sought a job opportunity in the United States and the family moved to Miami, Florida. Being from a family who has flourished from moving to new countries, she recognizes the reality that immigration and diversity expands opportunity and adds value to society.

Andrea has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Florida and is on her way to pursue a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences. She has experience in laboratory, hospital, and private practice settings and enjoys giving her time to local organizations. Andrea is currently aiding as a Medical Assistant for a dermatology practice in Miami Beach where she helps doctors and physician assistants provide the best care for the patients. After volunteering with MedLife in a medical mission trip in Peru, she decided she would one day would like to apply her skills to start her own non-profit where healthcare is more readily available to the underserved. She is working toward learning more about public education and how investing into schools, teachers, and youth development programs can improve society as a whole.

She enjoys reading, with some of her favorite works being Freakonomics, The Giver, and Existentialism is a Humanism. In her spare time, she likes to run, spend her time outdoors, and create new moments with her friends and family.