Amber Evans
Juvenile Justice Coalition, Executive Director

Amber is the new Executive Director of the Juvenile Justice Coalition and a grassroots community organizer. She believes in harnessing the social power of young people and working families to redistribute funds from harmful systems of incarceration and inequity into healthier community alternatives, and the restoration of rights and representative democracy. Amber began student organizing after the birth of the Occupy Movement and through the formation of the Ohio Student Association.

She has a BA in Journalism from the Ohio State University and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences from Kent State University. In 2014, Amber taught English in France, but returned to the US in 2015 after the height of Black Lives Matter to reconnect to movement organizing. She is a North Columbus native, the eldest of 6, and proudly raised by her mother and grandmother.

Above all else, Amber is dedicated to organizing and building the power and leadership necessary to achieve racial equity, social, economic, and electoral justice for all Ohioans. Most notably, this has been through her roles of co-leading community organization People's Justice Project and developing new leaders and youth organizers in Voices of the Unheard.