Alyson Martinez
Assistant Public Defender, Webb County Public Defender's Office

Alyson A. Martinez was born and raised in Laredo, TX, a South Texas city that borders the Rio Grande and Mexico. She is the daughter of a teacher and a small business owner, and was taught the importance of education and hard work from a very early age. Alyson is employed as an Assistant Public Defender at the Webb County Public Defender's Office in Laredo, TX. She is an advocate for her clients, who are indigent criminal defendants who are not able to afford counsel. A part from her day-to-day work, she is currently the President of the Laredo-Webb County Bar Association where she works to bring the law and the community together. Alyson is a lover of the law and works every day to build a better justice system, with more compassion and empathy. A part from the law, Alyson believes in her community and city, and is always looking for opportunities to serve her community-at-large. Alyson strives to bring change to her field, city, and state and is ready to put in the work to make that change a reality.