Allison Brewer
Founder, Voice(Is)

Allison Brewer (they/them) is an educational and disability advocate, educator, creator, and accessibility consultant. Allison began their journey as a special educator in St. Louis, Missouri and grew to become a disability awareness speaker across the nation. Gaining an MAT in Cross Categorical Disabilities helped propel them as advocate when they needed it the most-fighting to obtain an appropriate diagnosis of their own. Later diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/Cataplexy, Allison has fought to protect their own rights in the workplace and build awareness as a patient advocate. After serving on over 1,000 IEP and 504 teams, they founded Voice(Is), which provides Advocacy Coaching an Accessibility Consulting services to eliminate barriers faced as a result of inequitable practices, policies, and procedures across educational, workplace, and community environments. Partnering with FarFetched (an arts incubator in St. Louis), Allison also hosts The State of Education podcast, which examines the state (or condition) of education across the country, the role of the state in providing an equitable education for all students, and also provides listeners with the strategic tools necessary to advocate in their own communities. As a queer, nonbinary, and disabled advocate, Allison fuses their expertise with experience to increase visibility and build equity through disrupting the status quo by equipping those directly impacted with the tools and support they need to fight for their rights to thrive across environments.