Allen Jeannette
He/ Him/His
Customer Service Analyst, Paragon Development Systems

Lived experiences have given Allen Jeannette an authentic drive to work on progressive policies in politics. His goals of promoting housing affordability and security, inclusion and accessibility for people with physical and mental disabilities and jobs which provide a living wage for today's struggling workers from difficulties he's endured in his own life.

At 16, Allen was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease; a chronic inflammatory bowel disease and life-threatening illness. While struggling to regain his health, he began a journey of learning the many challenges of living with a debilitating disease. Over the years, he battled un- and underemployment, homelessness and a lack of access to affordable health care. Prioritizing a balance of health and work quickly became his main goal in life, and government social safety net programs like Social Security Disability and Food Stamps helped him stabilize.

Over time, Allen crafted a proactive approach to disease and care. He discovered the attention to care protocols and rest are the highest priority. In the workplace, establishing regular communication with employers, building trust and reliability and focusing on continuous improvement are tools that overcome the barriers a person with a disability poses.

This struggle makes his career and community organizing accomplishments more meaningful. As of 2019, Allen's political accomplishments include serving six times as Campaign Manager - for David Hoffert (2019), Gloria Reyes (2018), Arvina Martin (2017), Sam Liebert (2016), Kara Purviance (2014), and Cathy Myers (2013); former Legislative Intern in the Office of State Representative Jodi Emerson (2019); Field Representative of Progressive Takeover PAC (2018); Co-Chair of the 2nd Congressional District, Young Democrats of Wisconsin (2018); Chair for City of Janesville Community Development Authority Board (2015-17), attendee at Democratic Leadership Institute and Advanced Democratic Leadership Institute, Democratic Party of Wisconsin (2013); and member of Democratic Party of Wisconsin (since 2012), the Rock County Democratic Party (2012-17), and the Dane County Democratic Party (since 2017).

Allen is a full-time customer service employee for an established tech company moving into the Healthcare Information sector. He has participated in the Standardized Patient Program, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, volunteers with PBS Wisconsin and has acted in 13 community theatre productions during a 7-year amateur acting career.

Allen continues to learn about growing connections and building relationships. He is most interested in leading teams advocating for change in policies relating to affordable housing, inclusion for people with disabilities and jobs providing a living wage.