Allan-Charles Chipman
He/ Him/His
Faith Rooted Organizer & Transformation Strategist, Initiatives of Change USA ,Inc

Allan Chipman is a lifelong faith community activist, having started his work at the ripe age of six in his hometown of Baltimore, when he was inspired by a group of pastors working to connect their congregations to their communities through service. As IofC's Faith-Rooted Organizer, Allan runs programming for faith communities, equipping them with the tools to think theologically and logically about race and the history of Richmond and America as a whole. He also has advised Governors, Mayors, Members of Congress, and City Council members on ways to realize equity in policy proposals and decisions.

During college, Allan engaged with faith communities to change society through mentorship programs and helped to establish a faculty/student collaborative organization called Reconciliation and Conversation for Everyone (R.A.C.E.). Allan has also worked in the corporate world, where he advocated to build an African-American network to strive for racial equity at one of Richmond's Fortune 500 companies. He also acted as liaison between minority employees and the human resources department when issues involving race arose.

Allan earned his bachelor's degree in human development and family science from Messiah College. In his free time, Allan enjoys creating music and recording for his podcast dedicated to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called A Difference in Thought.