Alexis Davis
Paralegal, Michigan Community Resources

Alexis Davis is a Cincinnati native whose passion for youth and public service brought her to Detroit. As a previous organizer, she noticed the ways in which policy was directly tied to the quality of life for communities. Alexis's insight about these issues led her to create (un)respectability politics, a podcast dedicated to discussing political and social issues through a Black, progressive lens. As the founder of (un)respectability politics, Alexis hopes to bring a new perspective to the traditional landscape and breakdown barriers in the political realm. Alexis is interested in the intersection of law and community development. After her fellowship with Challenge Detroit, she was eager to continue working with residents in the public sector. Currently, Alexis serves as a Paralegal for Michigan Community Resources, where she engages with local nonprofits to help advance their missions and connect them to pro bono legal services.

As a strong proponent for the youth, Alexis strives to pave the way for the next generation. She has served with several youth organizations including Downtown Boxing Gym, Build On, and City Year Detroit. These experiences have brought her immense joy and everlasting relationships with students across the city. As a current Master of Community Development student, Alexis studies human-centered development and design. Alexis is also a proud alumna of North Carolina A&T State University, where she earned degrees in both psychology and political science. Alexis is a lifelong learner and educator who continues to leverage her experiences to fight for the liberation of marginalized communities. She is fiercely committed to creating more equitable outcomes through advocacy, policy, and legal reform.