Alex Reich
MinuteEarth, Director/Writer/Editor/Narrator

Alex Reich believes that the solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges lie in our relationship with the natural world, and he has focused his work and life on understanding and improving that relationship. He has built his career as a communicator and advocate through storytelling, policy, and research. In 2013, Alex co-founded MinuteEarth, a science education YouTube channel. In 2015, he interned for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working on watershed management and monitoring and evaluation for an agricultural climate resiliency project. In 2016 he moved back to Minnesota, where he continues to make online videos, both through MinuteEarth and through Hot Mess, a PBS YouTube channel focusing on climate change that he helped start. During his Masters, Alex researched global food policy and sustainability, including writing policy briefs about the connections between climate change and agriculture.

Alex’s passion for this work has taken him to the Arctic for a year-long Watson Fellowship, during which he learned from Arctic indigenous peoples about how they were adapting to climate change, as seen through food and harvesting. Alex graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2015 with a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources, Science, and Management focusing on global food system sustainability, and from Grinnell College with a Bachelors in Biology.

Through NLC, Alex looks forward to returning to policy as a tool to address human and environmental challenges.