Alex Ocampo
He/ Him/His
IBM Watson Engagement Leader, IBM

Alex Ocampo believes in the power of technology to positively change lives, and the importance of ensuring that this change happens equitably. He works at IBM helping executives and government leaders around the world envision their futures with Watson, IBM's artificial intelligence platform. He began his career at IBM working with public sector clients to understand the applicability of AI for national security, law enforcement, education and social programs. He has experience bringing enterprise products to market for the banking, insurance and legal industries as an offering manager.

To put his belief into direct action Alex co-founded Hire Harlem, a tech non-profit that brings communities together through storytelling and information sharing. Hire Harlem enables people to more easily support minority- and women-owned businesses and businesses that reinvest in their community or are owned by long-time residents. They are building an application that rethinks how people engage with publicly-available information on a business and shares business owner stories to strengthen community cohesion. As a new member to the Oakland community by way of New York City, Alex wants to ensure that he is actively working to preserve and enhance the rich cultural history of Oakland.

Alex graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurial Leadership.