Alex Montes
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), Bilingual Education Equity Advocate

After graduating with a degree in Economics Alex began working at a Senator's office in San Diego. Wanting to pursue a more hands on approach, Alex began working on San Rafael's sustainability team expanding the team's services to the City's undeserved Spanish speaking communities. Passionate about zero waste and conservation, Alex worked one-on-one with local businesses and families teaching them how to reduce their waste and create cleaner, healthier, and safer communities.

Alex now works at a DREDF, a disability rights organization, as their Bilingual Education Equity Advocate working at the intersection between race, disability, and social justice reform. Young students of color with disabilities are the most vulnerable to getting kicked out of school and to get caught in the school-to-prison pipeline. Alex works directly with these families to ensure all our students have access to a high quality education.

Alex has spent time as a public speaker and now helps others improve their communication skills as a way to advocate for their families, their schools, and their communities. He enjoys exploring the world, learning, and being outside. You can find him in the ocean, hiking, camping, climbing, traveling, reading, talking about politics, or watching documentaries.