Alex Bores
He/ Him/His
Director, Merlon Intelligence

Alex Bores builds products and teams that use technology to solve problems of social concern. He leads the business side of Merlon Intelligence, a start-up that uses AI to detect and prevent financial crimes.

Previously, Alex was one of the overall leads of Palantir's Government business, helping the U.S. contain the spread of diseases, serve our veterans, calculate accurate economic statistics, close opioid pill mills, recover billions of dollars for taxpayers, and set innocent people free, among other projects. Before that, he delivered economic analysis for use in expert testimony at Cornerstone Research.

Politically, Alex is the Corresponding Secretary for the Four Freedoms Democratic Club on the Upper East Side, a Judicial Delegate for the New York State Democratic Party, and a member of the Democratic New York County Committee. He also works with an NLC Alumna to train political candidates and campaign staff on cybersecurity best practices.

His activism began in second grade when he joined his Dad and other NABET workers on the picket line during a lockout. It continued through stints with New York City Council Members Gifford Miller and Jessica Lappin, the Manhattan District Attorney's office, the Working Families Party, and the State Department. While a student, he helped draft and pass two pieces of legislation in Ithaca, NY.

In 2010, Alex joined with other students and workers to lead a campaign to convince Nike to pay severance to Honduran workers laid off by one of its subcontractors. After initially denying that they would ever help, Nike eventually succumbed to pressure and paid the workers their due.

Alex received a Bachelor's Degree with honors from Cornell University, where he finished in the top 1% of his class, sat on the Board of Trustees, and was a member of the world's top-ranked debate team. In 2020, he will complete a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Alex was named 40 Under 40 by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (2019); a Truman Scholar (2012); and was the youngest ever recipient of the Sol Stetin Award for Social Justice, given by the American Labor Museum (2010). He also attained 5 seconds of screen time in a movie with a dismal 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (2004).

Alex lives in Manhattan with his wife, the founder of an elder care company. In his spare time, he enjoys playing chess, drinking whiskey, and rooting for NYC sports teams.