Alan Campbell
He/ Him/His
Mobile Auction Support Manager, Cox Enterprise

Alan Campbell is currently the Director of Operations at Nolij Foundation, Inc. and manager of mobile auction support at Cox Automotive, Inc.

With over 22 years of managerial experience from working in retail at AT&T, to now holding a leadership position at the largest, most disruptive automotive company, to distributing over $25,000 in grants through his non-profit organization, Mr. Campbell is passionate about empowering others to build generational wealth that lives beyond his own personal achievements. Influenced by the leadership qualities of historic icons like Dr. Martin Luther King, Myles Munroe, and Bryan Stevenson, Mr. Campbell lives by his father's quote "incline my ears and decline my fears" as a reminder to listen more in order to overcome any preconceived fears.

Mr. Campbell leadership practice stems from the methodology of transformational leadership where he works intentionally with his team and youth to identify their own personal values to create positive change and enable the leader within. By practicing transformational leadership, Mr. Campbell focuses on education as the primary tool to inspire and elevate. His approach to education is synonymous to how a tree grows - although rooted in one singular place, a tree's branches and roots are far-reaching. Mr. Campbell seeks to spread his expertise to make topics like psychology, finance, marketing, technology digestible and accessible.

A graduate from Columbus State University and Ashford University in San Diego, Mr. Campbell holds three bachelor's degrees in Marketing, Finance and Information Systems. He earned his Master's in Business Administration from the Kennesaw State University. Mr. Campbell is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, The American Marketing Association and Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta.