Abigail Tudor
Associate Attorney, Law Firm of Sitlinger & Theiler

Abigail Tudor is a proud Kentucky native. Raised on her family farm in Madison County, Abigail graduated from Centre College in 2016 with a sociology and anthropology major and studio art minor. At Centre, Abigail was a Bonner Scholar and developed a deep passion for social justice and community service. Abigail has volunteered for non-profit organizations all over the country, including Roundup River Ranch, a Paul Newman camp for children with serious illnesses in Gypsum, Colorado and Harlem Children's Zone, an educational and social service organization in Harlem, New York.

After graduating from Centre, Abigail went to the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. While in law school, she completed an externship at the Legal Aid Society, an organization whose purpose is to provide legal advocacy in civil matters for people living at or near poverty. In 2019, Abigail received her Juris Doctorate and was sworn in as a member of the Kentucky Bar Association. She is now an associate attorney at Sitlinger & Theiler Law Firm in Louisville, Kentucky.

Through first-hand experience, Abigail recognizes the line that divides rural and urban areas not only in Kentucky but across the United States. Abigail is incredibly interested in understanding why our country has become ideologically polarized. Abigail's hope is for people to open their minds to the struggle of others outside of their own geographic backyards. Her goal is to help rural and urban Kentuckians to realize that their concerns have more in common than they might think. Abigail hopes to gain new skills that will allow her to be a part of bringing Kentuckians from all walks of life together. She hopes to bring about positive progressive change to her community. Treating others with dignity, acting out of compassion, and possessing intense fortitude are values that Abigail holds closely.