Abe Salinas
He/ Him/His
Associate Vice President, LNV, Inc.

Abe Salinas serves as a Project Manager and the Chief Innovation Officer at LNV, a civil engineering consulting firm with offices in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin and Laredo. As a licensed professional engineer, Abe works closely with governmental entities such as cities, counties and the state to assess and design public infrastructure for things such as city master plans, stormwater and flood control facilities, water quality systems, dams and reservoirs, parks and trails, and transportation facilities.

In addition, Abe serves as an elected Board Director representing District 3 (Bexar County) of the Edwards Aquifer Authority. The EAA constitutes eight counties overlying the Edwards with 15-elected directors and two appointed representing the diverse interests of agriculture, municipal/purveyors, recreation and environmental protection. The aquifer supplies over two million Texans, supports the diverse economies of the region and is under threats of drought and contamination.

Abe's formative years include growing up on the border in Laredo, Texas and attending Rice University in Houston. Upon graduation in 2005, Abe relocated to Dallas where he lived for five years working on various creek restoration and flood control projects in the North Texas Area. Thereafter, Abe took a gap year in 2011 to perform a solo-adventure around the world that took him diving with great white sharks, climbing Africa's tallest peak, trekking the Himalayan range, observing one of the first democratic elections in Myanmar, visiting the expansive city slums of Mumbai, experiencing Ramadan in Zanzibar, Yom Kippur in Israel, and relearning how to perform simple everyday tasks, such as using vending machines in Japan. Each of these unique experiences have contributed to developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the many cultures around us.

Upon his return, Abe moved to San Antonio in late 2012 to be closer to his family and now focuses professionally on applying various smart growth principles to his engineering projects to address the evolving challenges associated with urban development, infrastructure resilience, community and cost-effective strategies to enhance economic opportunity.

When time allows, Abe enjoys escaping into the remote regions of the wilderness, backpacking thru rugged terrain and enjoying the tranquility and beauty found in nature. Abe has embarked on several mountaineering expeditions including Kilimanjaro, Everest Basecamp, Aconcagua, Cotopaxi, Fuji, Baker and Rainier. Abe believes there is perhaps no greater meditative space than being up at high altitude with nothing else on your mind except taking that next step forward.