Abdulrahman Wako

Abdulrahman Wako’s definition of success is the striving towards an ideal goal.  But the goal is not what he prizes or strives for. Abdulrahman Wako understands that the goal is already set; It's the growth and the process of the journey that Abdulrahman Wako strives for. A self-proclaimed poet and storyteller, Abdulrahman Wako uses his unique blend of words to impart knowledge and wisdom he has gained through the written and spoken word. He has performed live Poetry at the U of M twin cities, U of M Duluth and Saint Cloud State University.  He has big plans to microphone ideas of inclusivity through electronic mediums. But it’s not all arts for Abdulrahman Wako, He is also avidly involved in his community.

Most recently, Abdulrahman Wako Campaigned in the midterms as a Field Organizer in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Canvassing in the most underserved and underrepresented districts in MN, Abdulrahman Wako and his Congressional District 4 team utilized creative ways to get out the vote and engage the community.  Their creative work had noticeably contributed to the historical turnout all over Minnesota. Getting up front and personal with neighbors and community members has allowed Abdulrahman Wako to see the level of systematic neglect and disparity that is apparent in his communities. The feeling of powerlessness the left-out communities harbor has inspired Abdulrahman Wako to be involved in informing his communities on local politics and the pros and cons of engaging in local politics. During this time Abdulrahman Wako was part of the bargaining team that negotiated the first Coordinated Campaign union contract in MN. The ratified contract has earned the MN DFL Coordinated Campaign workers back pay, a raise and severance after the elections.  Abdulrahman Wako, above all, wants to express novel ideas while simultaneously working to improve the systems and structures that govern the masses. Abdulrahman Wako deeply knows that he can live a comfortable and fulfilling life just by helping others live better lives. What really drives him is the idea that he must live in this world just the way it is; so why not toil to make it more livable for himself, his community and for generations coming forth.