What is the NLC Honor Code?

What is the NLC Honor Code?


Admission to the Institute is a privilege and contingent on full compliance, both during and after the Institute, with NLC’s honor code.  This code emphasizes respect, professionalism, and integrity.
Throughout the New Leaders Council Institute, all Fellows agree to uphold and abide NLC’s core values of:

  • Mutual respect
  • Humility
  • Integrity and Honor
  • Responsibility
  • Dedication
  • Professionalism

Mutual respect exists when people value the input and participation of others as if it were their own. Honesty is an integral part of mutual respect. Mutual respect applies to interactions with the faculty, the mentors, the NLC Board of Directors, and any other person who attends an NLC function. Humility requires Fellows to look beyond their or other’s mistakes and focus on the larger goal at hand. Integrity and honor allow every person to perform at his or her best and to feel equal with and respected by others. Responsibility is the ability of a person to fulfill commitments or obligations to the NLC Institute, his or her mentor, or affiliated organizations. If a Fellow promises or volunteers to do something, it is vital that this person follow through on his or her commitment. Dedication requires that each Fellow will pledge enough time to the NLC Institute so that he or she benefits from and contributes to the Institute. Professionalism includes maintaining decorum throughout the Institute, not casting NLC or other Fellows in a negative or false light, dressing appropriately for NLC events and seminars, being punctual, and maintaining maturity.
By committing to these principles and guidelines, each Fellow will benefit as much as possible from the NLC Institute. And each Fellow’s adherence to the NLC Institute Honor Code permits other Fellows to equally benefit from this training and its related experiences.

A violation of the honor code is grounds for sanctions up to suspension or expulsion from the Institute, or retroactive revocation of the title of Alumna/us of the Institute. Any sanction may be initially recommended by the chapter leadership to NLC’s General Counsel, after notice and opportunity for a brief hearing, or may be initiated by the Chapter Director, or NLC’s Executive Staff without such notice, depending on the facts and circumstances.  Thereafter, the Fellow can be reprimanded by sanctions up to and including expulsion if after review, it is determined that a violation has occurred. After a recommendation for sanctions has been given by the chapter leadership or proceedings under the honor code have otherwise began, that Fellow may not attend any future NLC events until the matter has come to a close.  After sanctions have been issued, a Fellow may make a final appeal to the Executive Director of NLC to review the decision at his discretion.
By applying to the NLC Institute, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this honor code. And if selected as an NLC Institute Fellow, you pledge to uphold this code and the highest ethical and professional standards in all associations with and related to NLC.