Welcome from Mark Riddle

Welcome from Mark Riddle

Do you know a young progressive as committed to country and community as you are?

As the next Executive Director of New Leaders Council, I need you to nominate premium progressive minds. Our 2012 Institutes need thought leaders with the temerity to enact real change.

You know New Leaders Council represents the best and brightest in the progressive community. I’m constantly amazed by our membership’s ambition. NLC is multicultural, socially engaged and exclusive. All of our members have been thoroughly vetted. It's why this organization continues to make dynamic growth year after year. New Leaders Council has trained over 600 fellows through our annual Institute. This year, we're expanding to 19 chapters nationwide.

To make a difference nationally and locally, NLC needs everyone this organization has touched. Our network is unquestionably our net worth. I want you to aggressively recruit other eager entrepreneurs. Folks who believe through hard work and ingenuity we can redirect not just the conversation, but our nation's trajectory as a whole.

As Executive Director, my number one goal is to facilitate your work nationally and locally. To do so, chapters and headquarters, formerly known as national, must work as one. We will win by sharpening and strengthening our messaging. Communication with the public and the media is critical to our overall growth and our ability to attract donors. We will tell our story every and anywhere we can. Join me in making 2012 New Leaders Council’s best year yet.

Mark Riddle
Executive Director

It's about People.Progress.Results.