The most important thing you can do is vote

The most important thing you can do is vote

New Leaders Council released the following memo addressing the importance of voting.


To: Interested Parties 
From: Matti Miranda, Policy Director, New Leaders Council Innovation Foundation 
Date: October 13, 2016 
Subject: The most important thing you can do is vote

The America we see today is not representative of millennials. You don’t have to look far to see misogyny alive and well. Recent comments promoting sexual assault have disgusted and terrified not just women, but supporters of gender equality from across the spectrum, and have been met with acceptance, if not support. Millennials demand recognition of gender equality--but moreover, they require something greater: a daily commitment from all people to protecting and securing that equality(1).

One need not look much further than New Leaders Council to see millennial women championing millennial women (NLC’s Women’s Caucus), men championing women (Men4Choice founded almost entirely of men from NLC), NLC alumni championing people of color,(2) people with disabilities(3), and much more. The contrast between the media narrative today and the majority of the millennial community is alarming.

So what can we do?

Two nights ago, President Obama together with My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, ESPN’s The Undefeated, and others, hosted a student forum at North Carolina A&T State University on race, sports, and achievement. The President discussed opportunities and challenges for young men of color and the need to fight for equity for everyone.

President Obama told us what to do: Vote.

Members of the NLC community understand the importance of each vote, with 79% of NLC alumni having participated in the electoral process(4).

So we challenge those who are already planning on casting their vote: Get others to vote.

Early voting has already begun in many states, with over 500,000 ballots already cast(5). Voter registration is closing, if it hasn’t already, in many states. Efforts to get out the vote across the country will ensure that millennial voices are heard. To learn more about GOTV efforts near you, and how you can help, please join members the NLC community tonight, 8:30 pm ET:


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