The wins and the numbers just keep coming in…

The wins and the numbers just keep coming in…

As the dust settles on the 2017 election season, the New Leaders Council community has much to celebrate.  NLC alumni and advisory board members won up and down the ballot. Many of our community members who took it upon themselves to canvass, phone bank and run campaigns for progressive candidates across the country were victorious. 

Here are some of the highlights from Election Day: 

Young voters came out in full force against conservative Gillespie, with a +39 margin for progressive Northam in the Virginia Governor’s race. That is 21 points higher than they turned out for Clinton.

New Leaders Council Honorary Co-Chair Assemblyman Michael Blake weathered the rain to knock doors for progressive candidates in Virginia. Dozens of NLC leaders worked or volunteered for campaigns in New Jersey, Virginia, and across the country to bring home progressive victories. 


And, we're excited to announce additional NLC community members won their elections on Tuesday, bringing the total to 21 NLC leaders elected. We're also watching 5 runoff races with NLC candidates! Please congratulate the following individuals on their wins:


Kim Case, NLC New Jersey '11
Board of Education, Long Hill Township, NJ

Kim believes that the quality of our children's education must remain a paramount priority for our communities and that we must continue to advocate for resources and excellence in our schools.  Congratulations, Kim! 



Phillipe Cunningham (NLC Twin Cities '16)
City Council, Minneapolis

Phillipe ran for Council because to be a champion who will proactively fight to bring the resources and opportunities needed to move his community toward the vision of a prosperous and thriving Northside for those who already call it home.


Chris LaTondresse (NLC Washington DC '15)
Board of Education Member, Hopkins Public Schools, Hopkins, MN

Chris ran for school board because he believes that no matter where you’re from, the money your parents make, or the color of your skin, when you walk through the doors of our schools you’re going to get a world class education. Congratulations, Chris!


Shayla J. Nealy (NLC Atlanta '12)
City Council, Union City, GA

Shayla is one of the community's final decision-makers, devoting her official time to problems of basic policy and is a liaison between the city and the general public. In just three and a half years as a Councilwoman, she has helped to secure five large Fortune 500 companies along with several million dollars in private investments and acquired nearly $500,000 in federal funding. Congratulations, Shayla! 



Maggie Rice (NLC New Hampshire ’17)
City Council, Keene, NH

Maggie is looking to attract and retain more young people to the community of Keene, NH, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and financially robust community. Congratulations, Maggie! 


Millennials will clearly have a huge stake in upcoming elections and as the hub for Millennial leadership, NLC will have be the future of our country.  Pitch in $10, $25 or $50 today to support NLC programs including training nearly 1,000 fellows in 2018 to make political change in their communities.


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