The New Leader Weekly Briefing

The New Leader Weekly Briefing

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January 5, 2018

Featured in The New Leader


Highlights from the NLC Network

Alex Serna (NLC Los Angeles) in The Hill, Higher education an investment we can’t afford to ignore

NLC Oklahoma Fellows featured in The Edmond Sun: Mehta, Ward selected for training as millennial change makers

NLC San Antonio Fellows Marina Alderete Gavito and Emily Calderón Galdeano featured in San Antonio Business Journal as 2018 40 Under 40 Honorees

NLC Nashville Fellows Ryan Driscoll and Phil Cobucci featured in Out & About Nashville

NLC Nashville Fellows Alandis Brassel and Erika Burnett featured in Nashville Pride


Bipartisan Policy Center: Reinventing Rural Health Care: A Case Study of 7 Upper Midwest States

  • January 17, 2018, 9:30 am - 11:00 am, Washington, DC
  • To better understand the challenges and opportunities rural communities face with health care delivery and infrastructure, the Bipartisan Policy Center led an effort over the past 6 months to learn from those on the ground working to improve patient care. Join us on January 17, 2018 as we release the findings from our efforts and discuss the path forward to creating a sustainable, quality, affordable rural health care system.
  • Register Here to Attend

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Policy & News

Center for American Progress: Voter Purges Prevent Eligible Americans from Voting

The Brookings Institution: Jeff Sessions’ marijuana decision favors drug cartels (Podcast)

Bipartisan Policy Center: Clean Power Plan: Timeline of Key Events

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The New Leader Updates & Opportunities

  • Sign Up for Aspiration:  Aspiration is a financial firm with a conscience with the mission of democratizing financial services with a business model built on fairness and trust. Aspiration was born to be the financial firm for all. Because everyone deserves access to the best banking and investing products. Everyone deserves a financial partner they are confident they can trust. And everyone deserves to put their money in an institution that puts “good” ahead of “greed.”Our “Pay What Is Fair” fees mean we go to work every day committed to do great for our customers. And as a financial firm with a conscience, we are motivated by the mission to help you make money and make a difference at the same time. Learn more at

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