The New Leader Weekly Briefing

The New Leader Weekly Briefing

In this week's TNL briefing: NLC women featured on the cover of TIME Magazine, alumni highlights, upcoming policy events, and more. 

Policy, News and Events for the NLC Community 

January 26, 2018

Highlights from the NLC Network

Check the Newsstands: NLC Women on the Cover of Time Magazine

  • In the wake of the first anniversary of the historic Women’s March, Time Magazine has revealed its upcoming cover story: The Avengers: First They Marched, Now They are Running For Office. And NLC family members Freeholder Ashley Bennett and Congressional Candidate Lauren Underwood are highlighted on the cover! Read more here!

Jaren Love (NLC Pittsburgh '17) featured on Explore Clarion

  • Jaren works on behalf of Pennsylvania residents in his role with U.S. Senator Bob Casey. Read more here!

Dominique Luster (NLC Pittsburgh '18) joins the Shattered Glass Podcast

  • Dom joins the podcast for its final episode to talk about his role as the archivist for Teenie Harris Archive and the first person to hold an endowed archivist position at the Carnegie Museum of Art! Check out the podcast here!


The Brookings Institution: Modernizing trade rules: The TPP and beyond

  • January 29, 2018; 10:00 am - 11:30 am; Washington, DC
  • In February 2016, 12 nations signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP). A central goal for negotiators was to modernize the extant rules of trade and investment, which had not been significantly updated at the multilateral level since the Doha Round began in 2001. Equally important was the objective of disseminating these rules beyond the TPP by enticing other countries, such as China, to adopt these rules to advance domestic economic reforms. The American withdrawal from the TPP represented a major setback, but the remaining 11 countries reached a broad agreement during the APEC summit meeting in November 2017, pointing to a path forward in relaunching the trade deal. The potential reach of the TPP disciplines is also evident as they shape ongoing efforts to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement. On January 29, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies will host a panel of experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges of disseminating TPP standards in two critical areas: the digital economy and internet governance, and competitive neutrality and state-owned enterprises. The United States and Japan share the goal of advancing these disciplines even after the American withdrawal from the TPP. Experts from Japan and the United States will discuss strategies that each country can pursue in on-going or new trade negotiations to advance TPP rules in these critical areas.


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Policy Reports

Center for American Progress: Serving LGBTQ Immigrants and Building Welcoming Communities

The Brookings Institution: The millennial generation: A demographic bridge to America’s diverse future

Bipartisan Policy Center: FACT SHEET: Trump Administration Guidance of Monitoring and Evaluation for Foreign Assistance Activities


Axios: A grim future for workers who don't learn new skills

The Washington Post: Fewer than 16,000 donors accounted for half the federal campaign contributions in 2016

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The New Leader Updates & Opportunities

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