The New Leader Weekly Briefing

The New Leader Weekly Briefing

In this week's update: Join NLC for a discussion on the impact of the tax bill on millennials, featured The New Leader stories, and more. 

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Policy, News and Events for the NLC Community 

December 15, 2017 

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Highlights from the NLC Network

Nikema Williams (NLC Atlanta)
 is featured in this piece "A new Georgia state senator returns from Alabama with hard-won lessons" via!


NLC Alumni Engagement Series: Impact of the Tax Bill on the Millennial Generation

The Republican controlled Congress is considering a a massive and fundamentally inequitable proposal to reform our nation’s tax code. This is about more than tax policy —this is about reshaping the basic social contract among all Americans. All Americans, and particularly NLC leaders, need to know how this will impact our future. 
To help our community, NLC invites you to an open conversation about the tax bill, how it will impact the Millennial generation, and what we can do now. We will discuss how it impacts student loan financing, home purchases, retirement savings, overall wealth inequality, and any and all questions you have about the bill, its status, and its implications if passed. 
Our featured guests include Scott Astrada (NLC DC), Director it Federal Advocacy for the Center for Responsible Lending, and Gideon Bragin, Senior Tax Advisor to Senator Sherrod Brown.

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Policy & News

CALinnovates: Net Neutrality Redux: Americans Want Certainty; See Tech Giants and ISPs in Similar Light

Center for American Progress: Who Are Student Loan Defaulters?


The Brookings Institution: Net neutrality is dead. Now what? A Podcast with Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Bipartisan Policy Center: Henry Cisneros: Congress must preserve private bonds to pay for infrastructure

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The New Leader Updates & Opportunities

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