The New Leader Weekly Briefing

The New Leader Weekly Briefing

In this week's update: NLC alumni highlights, upcoming NLC events, and more. 

Policy, News and Events for the NLC Community 

November 3, 2017


Highlights from the NLC Network

Max Markham (NLC New York City): Why Local Elections Matter

Jonathan Jacobs (NLC Rhode Island): Why are Millennials Wary of Freedom? Hint: They’re Not

Caroline Gome-Tom (NLC Wisconsin) discussed the challenges health care navigators face in The Gazette Extra

Kennita Hickman (NLC Wisconsin) featured for her work at Ex Fabula in Milwaukee Magazine

READ: NLC Millennial Compact with America: New Leaders Council unveiled its Millennial Compact with America in September. A comprehensive policy agenda written for and by millennial leaders focusing on innovating our economy, communities and democracy. NLC wants to make the development of this policy agenda a inclusive process with the NLC community and the greater progressive movement, we are inviting you to give thoughts and feedback on how to improve this agenda.

Please read the Millennial Compact with America and provide feedback here:



NLC New York City: Celebrating Leadership in Gender Equity

Center for American Progress: Protecting the Youngest Americans: What’s at Stake for Infants and Toddlers in the Budget Fight

  • November 8, 10:30 am - 11:45 am, Washington, DC
  • There are nearly 16 million infants and toddlers in the United States, nearly half of whom live in families living paycheck to paycheck. Early childhood is a period of rapid growth and development, but is also a time when children are the most vulnerable to the effects of poverty. Without access to nutritious food, housing, medical care, and high-quality education, young children may not develop the foundation they need to thrive.

    President Donald Trump and his conservative allies have proposed budgets that seek to deeply cut or eliminate many of the programs that cover millions of children’s most basic needs—all to provide tax cuts for the wealthy. While infants and toddlers are uniquely vulnerable to these proposed cuts, they have been largely left out of the budget conversation.

    Please join the Center for American Progress, Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA), and a panel of experts and parent advocates to discuss what is at stake for young children across the country if programs that invest in their healthy development are cut.

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The Brookings Institution: Girls’ education research and policy symposium: Reaching the most marginalized

  • November 8, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Washington, DC
  • On November 8, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings (CUE) will host the 2017 Girls’ Education Research and Policy Symposium: Reaching the Most Marginalized. Each year, CUE convenes policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the girls’ education arena to discuss the most pressing issues as identified by the Echidna Global Scholars, a group of global leaders in girls’ education who spend 5 months in-residency at Brookings. The day will be marked by a series of thematic conversations that explore approaches to ensuring that the most marginalized girls receive a quality education.

    The panel discussions will include brief presentations from the Echidna Global Scholars’ research on girls’ education in their home countries of India, Kenya, Jamaica, and Mexico, followed by a moderated discussion with other experts in their thematic areas. Each session will end with a Q&A, leaving time for panelists to take questions from the audience.

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Bipartisan Policy Center: Bridging the Retirement Divide: Reaching Small Business Owners and Workers

  • November 15, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, Washington, DC
  • Small businesses in the United States account for 17 percent of the workforce and 63 percent of all new job creation. But the hard-charging entrepreneurs who keep these businesses running often struggle to set up retirement plans for themselves and their workers. These are busy proprietors trying to keep the lights on, after all. And setting up a retirement plan can be complicated and costly — or at least that’s the conventional wisdom. But what if the conventional wisdom is wrong?

    This event will explore current innovations in the public and private sectors that are changing the way retirement benefits are delivered to small businesses. Hanging in the balance are the 32 million small business employees who lack access to a workplace retirement plan. Bridging this coverage gap will require new types of retirement plans that are well-integrated with firms’ payroll systems, make use of technology for low-cost compliance and investment, and exist within a well-designed regulatory and policy structure.

    Join us as we partner with The Aspen Institute and The Pew Charitable Trusts to tackle all of these issues and more, spotlighting some of the potential breakthrough solutions currently being implemented.

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Policy & News

Center for American Progress: 3Voter Trends in 2016



The Brookings Institution: American workers need a pay raise – the estate tax could help

Bipartisan Policy Center: The Dispute over Dispute Settlement in NAFTA
The Walton Family Foundation: PAVE Ensures the Voices of Parents are Front and Center

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The New Leader Updates & Opportunities

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