4 NLC updates you'll want to know about

4 NLC updates you'll want to know about

The deadline for the 2018 NLC Institute is just days away, we released the first draft of the Millennial Compact with America, and are helping launch a new resistance effort to protect students. The NLC community is rising to meet the challenges of today, and we’re excited to keep you up-to-date on our work.

Check out these 5 updates from NLC: 

1) Deadline Approaching: the 2018 NLC Institute

Over the past decade, New Leaders Council has trained more than 5,000 progressive leaders across the nation through the NLC Institute. It's never been more clear: it's time for the next generation of leadership. As an NLC Fellow, you'll be trained to build a strong, progressive movement in your community and join thousands of other Fellows and alumni across America who strive to do the same.

Complete your application today before the deadline on October 1st!  

Apply to be an NLC Fellow or Nominate a leader to be an NLC Fellow!


2) Recap: the Millennial Compact with America National Conversation

This past weekend, hundreds of progressives came together in Chicago to roll out the NLC Millennial Compact with America. Over the next year, the Millennial Compact will become a comprehensive statement of Millennial policy. 

The two-day conference was designed to start a rich and comprehensive discussion to address the challenges we face from the ground up, not the top down. From here, we will take the Millennial Compact with America across the country to build on the grassroots, generational agenda. We want you to be a part of the conversation. Stay tuned for future events in a community near you!  

Special thanks to our special guests and supporters: U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Representatives Robin Kelly, Ben Ray Luján, Seth Moulton, and Jan Schakowsky, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, Eric Bates, Suneel Gupta, and Stephanie Valencia, as well as the dozens of local and state elected, community and business leaders who participated in the discussion. 


See more photos from the National Conversation here.

3) ICYMI: Download the Millennial Compact with America

The Millennial Compact is a one-of-a-kind policy agenda: created by passionate advocates at the grassroots level, focused on the future, and designed to bring a spirit of entrepreneurship and inclusiveness to our politics. The Millennial Compact is not yet a completed document; we want more voices at the table to ensure this agenda speaks for a generation. 

The initial policy ideas are crafted by more than 250 NLC alumni, community leaders, elected officials, and business leaders, but we need your ideas to make it complete.  

Be the change with NLC today and help set the agenda for tomorrow. Download the Millennial Compact, share your thoughts and ideas, and then get involved as an author, advisor, or advocate.



4) Support hurricane relief & recovery

Hurricanes have impacted communities throughout the Caribbean and southeastern United States over the past few weeks. Millions of people have been left to rebuild in their wake. We are incredibly humbled by our NLC Family in areas affected by the hurricanes who have come together to support each other and begin rebuilding their communities. 

If you are able, please consider a contribution to One America Appeal, or another organization supporting relief efforts. Every cent donated through the One America Appeal will help the victims recover.


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