Sacramento 2011 Fellows

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Elliott Scales, Analyst, Accenture

Elliott ScalesElliot currently works as a consulting analyst for Accenture. Based out of the company’s Sacramento office, Mr. Scales’ primary role is as a Java developer, working on a large project for the State of California. Elliot graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009 where he earned B.A.’s in both Applied Mathematics and Political Science. Since walking into his first Cal Berkeley Democrats meeting in the fall of 2006, Mr. Scales has been very active in Democratic grassroots organizing. From knocking on doors in the rain, snow and sleet to organizing and leading large groups, to raising money to fund grassroots campaigns, Elliot has garnered extensive experience in most aspects of field campaign work. During the 2008 presidential primary, Mr. Scales was Chapter Coordinator for Students for Barack Obama at UC Berkeley, and organized a group of students to travel to swing states for GOTV for the 2008 presidential election. In the spring of 2009, he was the lead organizer to bring the grassroots leadership training, Campus Camp Wellstone, to UC Berkeley. Elliot’s college summers were spent navigating the Middle and South forks of the American River, as a whitewater rafting guide for All-Outdoors. Mr. Scales is a native of Cameron Park, California.

Cody Naylor, Legislative Assistant TBD (in transition)

Cody NaylorCody Naylor is a Legislative Assistant in the CA State Assembly. He began his career in the Legislature in 2008 with Assemblymember Lori Saldaña, where he worked on public policy and communications. Prior to his work in government, Cody worked in the hospitality industry and as an animal caretaker for a science museum in the East Bay Area. He has also worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for many years. Cody has served as Secretary of the ACLU of Sacramento County and presently sits on the Board of Directors for the AIDS Housing Alliance of Sacramento and on the Board the Asian Pacific Islander Capitol Association as the organization’s Communications Director. In addition, Mr. Naylor has sought ongoing education through the Sacramento County District Attorney's Citizens Academy and the Assembly Democrats University. Cody, who is proud of his mixed Korean-Caucasian heritage, was born in Laramie, WY, and raised in Grass Valley, CA with his older brother. Mr. Naylor graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 2008 with a B.A. in Linguistics. His interests include government and politics, poetry, aquatic sports, video games, fire arts, playing music, and dancing.

Heather Minton, Legislative & Public Affairs Associate, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Heather MintonHeather Minton is the Legislative and Public Affairs Associate for the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (CPEDV), where she moves the organization’s legislative and policy agenda forward and communicates the their efforts to a variety of stakeholders. Immediately prior to joining CPEDV, Heather worked in the Capitol Office of former Assemblymember, and current California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Prior to her work with Mr. Jones, Heather worked in the direct services arena at WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment), as the Outreach Director for the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center and as a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. A graduate of the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Heather’s community activities include serving as the Vice-President of the Sacramento Stonewall Democrats and serving as a City Commissioner on the Sacramento Human Rights/Fair Housing Commission. Ms. Minton has previously served in various capacities within the California National Organization for Women (CA NOW), including as a member of their political action committee. In her free moments, Heather enjoys spending time with her niece Kaitlyn (10 months) and nephew Sam (2 years) and concocting ideas for making the world a better place.

Dayanna Carlos, Associate, Dewey Square Group

Dayanna CarlosDayanna is an associate at Dewey Square Group’s Sacramento practice, a nationally renowned public affairs firm, where she serves as Fresno’s Outreach Coordinator for the Broadband Awareness & Adoption campaign for the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF). Prior to working at Dewey Square, Ms. Carlos worked with 32 South Inc, an International Business and Marketing Consulting firm, where she coordinated the company’s international public relations, media communications, marketing development of Latin American projects, with Canadian, European and American companies. Committed on promoting civic engagement and public awareness, Dayanna worked as an intern at the Santa Cruz County Immigration Project which provides immigration legal services including naturalization, wavers, appeals, community education, and advocacy. Ms. Carlos, a native of Corcoran, California, holds a B.A. in Latin American Latino Studies and minored in Politics with an emphasis in Immigration from the University of California, Santa Cruz. An admirer of diverse cultures, traditions and languages, Dayanna has spent time traveling and exploring Mexico and South America. She is also an alumna member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

Eric Fredericks, Senior Transportation Planner, California Department of Transportation

Eric FredericksEric Fredericks is a senior transportation planner at the California Department of Transportation and has served as the president of WALKSacramento since 2009. He is also the founder of Walkable Neighborhoods, an organization that provides technical assistance on walkability to communities across the United States. Mr. Fredericks previously worked as a planner for state, regional, and local levels of government, as well as the private sector. He has also served as a television panelist, workshop facilitator, and a presenter on livability issues at conferences in several cities across the United States. Mr. Fredericks's expertise on walkable neighborhoods has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Treehugger, and the Sacramento Bee. His photography has been used in publications by CNBC, Costco, and the Sacramento Bee. Mr. Fredericks has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois. He also attended the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Fredericks grew up in a rural area outside of Sterling, a small community in northwestern Illinois. He currently lives with his wife and two dogs in the Capital Village neighborhood of Rancho Cordova, California.

Heather Cotto, Social Service Consultant, Office of Child Abuse Prevention, California Department of Social Services

Heather CottoHeather Cotto currently works as a Social Service Consultant in the Office of Child Abuse Prevention with the California Department of Social Services. Prior to her current position, Heather worked as a Social Worker, where she investigated allegations of child abuse and neglect and later worked to ensure foster youth had permanency outside of the foster care system. In addition, Ms. Cotto worked in a residential treatment program for foster and probation youth and later as a case manager for a subsidized child care program. A graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz, Heather participated in the UCDC Internship program, where she chose to forgo work on Capitol Hill and federal agencies in order to volunteer at a D.C. area public elementary school. Ms. Cotto holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work from the California State University, Sacramento and received several honors, including the Chicano/Latino Scholar’s Award, the College Service Award and served as a Faculty Mentor Program Fellow. Following graduation, Heather participated in Public Allies, Silicon Valley, an Ameri-Corp Program whose mission is to advance new leadership to strengthen communities, nonprofits and civic participation. Heather currently resides in West Sacramento.

Thanhtam Bui, Policy Associate, Californians Against Waste

Thanhtam BuiTeresa is a policy associate for Californians Against Waste, a nonprofit, environmental group that advocates for recycling. Teresa advocates for strong waste reduction and recycling policies on multiple issues, including: electronic wastes, household hazardous waste and extended producer responsibility. A former student assistant for the State Water Resource Control Board, and a planning intern at the City of Davis Community Development Department, Thanhtam holds a B.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning Analysis from the University of California, Davis. As an undergraduate, she served on several student commissions, including the Environmental Policy and Planning Commission and the Student Services & Fees Administration Advisory Committee. Originally born in Vietnam, Thanhtam came to California when she was 6 and has grew up loving the diverse landscape, climate and most of all, people. Ms. Bui enjoys traveling, hiking, and swimming in her spare time. This year, she was especially excited for making it to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. Her traveling aspirations include visiting Europe for the first time and hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

Ryan Arba, Legislative Consultant, California Department of Social Services

Ryan ArbaRyan Arba is a Legislative Consultant for the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). Ryan is assigned to the CDSS Community Care Licensing Division, which licenses a range of facilities, from nursing homes to child day care centers. Mr. Arba also coordinates the department's response to measures proposed by the state Legislature. Prior to his work at the CDSS, Ryan’s worked as a Special Projects Manager for the California Health and Human Services Agency, a Graduate Assistant for the Leadership Programs for the University of Southern California, and an Algebra Teacher for River City High School in West Sacramento, CA. A graduate of California State University, Monterey Bay, Ryan holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Arden Arcade, CA, with his wife Catherine.

Teresa Acuna, Legislative Director Office of Assemblymember Luis Alejo

Teresa AcunaTeresa Acuña serves as Legislative Director for Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas), where she works to advance a progressive legislative agenda focused on legislation that seeks to diminish social and civil inequalities. A former California State Senate Fellow and Legislative Aide to former Senator Gilbert Cedillo, Teresa has worked in several policy areas, including health, human services, and environmental quality. While working for Senator Cedillo, she also assisted the California Latino Legislative Caucus on initiatives that included immigration reform, education, labor diversity, health care disparities, and redistricting. Prior to her work in the legislature, Ms. Acuña worked for the Casa Cornelia Law Center, a non-profit law firm dedicated to helping San Diego’s indigent community by providing pro bono legal immigration services. A graduate of San Diego State University, with degrees in Political Science and Chicana Studies, Teresa was born in Rialto, California to parents that emigrated from Mexico and attributes her success to the strong immigrant work ethic that her parents demonstrated throughout her life. In addition to her work, Ms. Acuna currently sits on the boards of the Sacramento County Young Democrats and the California Latino Capitol Association.