Rolling Up Our Sleeves

Rolling Up Our Sleeves


NLC Fellows, board members, and faculty are dedicated to ensuring a strong democracy by


providing social justice and equal opportunity. The NLC community’s hard work is being done right now, in communities all across the country.


New Leaders Council connects next generation leaders across the country and equips them with the skills necessary to be civic leaders in their communities and workplaces. NLC does this primarily though the NLC Institute, comprised of faculty of executives and elected officials and pairs these young professional with dignitaries  as their mentors.


New Leaders Council kicked off the 2014 Institute on January 11.  All of the 31 chapters nationwide have now hosted their first NLC weekend, introducing over 600 new Fellows into the NLC community.


Each year the Fellows become more and more impressive, making up an increasingly more talented and diverse class. The faculty of the NLC institute is equally impressive, teaching the Fellows their hard-won lessons by sharing their expertise and stories.


To name a few highlights, we can look at the Atlanta institute, where NLC Fellows shared sessions with Senator Nan Orrock and Union City Councilwoman Shayla Nealy; in Louisiana, the NLC Institute included a conversation led by Mayor of Alexandria Jacques Roy; out West, NLC Institute Alumna and current Montana State Representative Jennifer Gursky discussed the importance of community engagement with the current NLC Montana class; Madison, WI schoolboard member Mary Burke shared her story with the inaugural Madison Fellows;  former Chicago Alderman, Professor Dick Simpson gave the Chicago Fellows a brief lesson on Chicago politics; in North Carolina, demonstrating their progressive tenacity, the 2014 Fellows worked under emergency lights after a tornado warning caused power to go out in the building.


All across the country, NLC Fellows are learning from the best, and demonstrating their resolve.

The social media sphere was alight with comments from faculty, board members, and Fellows alike, all expressing enthusiasm to a part of the latest NLC cohort and toward the next few months spent in the NLC Institute.  Be sure to check out NLC’s social media where young leaders tweet, post and share ideas and pictures of the experience of their NLC Institute sessions. 

NLC would not exist without the faculty and board members that volunteer their time to get the job done in order to build a long term, progressive infrastructure. And for that, we thank them.

Lastly, NLC is bringing together Fellows, alumni, and board members of the eight northeast corridor chapters this March 1 in Jersey City, NJ. Not only is this a day of thoughtful discussion on the current issues in the northeast corridor and the important role millennials play in solving them, but, as one of several of our regional conferences, this conference will also serve to build community between our neighboring chapters.


If you are in the northeast area, please join members of the NLC community, and leaders in business, politics, and policy.


We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress our Fellows have through out the year; NLC truly is about its people, progress, and results.




New Leaders Council Programs Director