NLC Results

By the summer of 2014, NLC will have graduated over 2,400 Fellows in over 31 Institutes across the country. From each of these Institutes, NLC develops a strong corps of young leaders.
Below are a few testimonials from these amazing leaders:


charles-cole.jpg"NLC has helped me tremendously in my professional career. Not only were the classes informative but the national network that I was able to tap into has been a true blessing.

Since the institute I have become a director of a nonprofit, been elected the Bay Area Regional Director of the CA Young Democrats Black Caucus and co-founded the Black Young Democrats of the East Bay.”

Charles Cole – NLC Fellow 2010, San Francisco
Youth Development Manager at Juma Ventures, a non-profit focused on helping young people get a 4-year college degree.


ellie-hill.jpg“The training, mentoring, and networking I received through my participation in New Leaders Council is the single most critical experience I had that took me from a well-known, progressive, community advocate to now an impassioned, state-wide, elected official.

I am forever appreciative for NLC‘s broad vision and for the diverse friendships and nationwide contacts I have made.”

Ellie Hill – NLC Co-Founder; Missoula, MT Chapter
Montana State Representative, Named one of Time Magazine’s 40 Under 40 Political Rising Stars


ted-james.jpgNLC has helped train the next generation of progressive political entrepreneurs.

The institute has helped me hone my leadership skills through numerous trainings and seminars among other entrepreneurial framework. These experiences coupled with the life-long friendships and network I have gained through the leadership of NLC have been invaluable.”

Ted James – NLC Fellow 2010, Louisiana
Attorney, former advisor to Governor Kathleen Blanco, Elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives in 2011.


emanuel-pleitez.jpg“Diversity is one of the keys of New Leaders Council.
We’re a progressive movement. 
Diversity needs to be at the forefront of that movement. We have individuals from all sects of society coming together to form our own little melting pot.”

Emanuel Pleitez – NLC Advisory Board Member, Los Angeles
Consultant with McKinsey & Company, Chair of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation,
Former Special Assistant to Chairman Paul Volcker in the U.S Treasury.


jake-whitman.jpgSTARS was born out of NLC. At the beginning of the Fellowship, STARS was just an idea. By May, STARS was on its way to being a full-fledged organization.

Five of my Board members come from NLC, including my mentor, and I use the skills I learned during the trainings on a daily basis to drive my organization forward.

The connections I made and strategies I learned are the single biggest reason I am doing what I am today.“

Jake Whitman – 2011 NLC Fellow, Philadelphia
Founder and Executive Director of STARS, a Philadelphia-based non-profit, which uses sports to drastically change the life path of students by comprehensively supporting athletic departments in low-income schools.

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