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NLC boasts nearly 6,000 alumni across the country. Each local alumni engagement program includes social and professional quarterly in-person reunions and networking events, quarterly educational webinars, and an active job board. Recent developments include an alumni peer support network for professional development and entrepreneurial life plans, an alumni giving challenge and support for appointment to city committees, county commissions, and nonprofit and state boards. 

NLC has helped me develop the skills that I need to be a leader in my professional career and in my community. The unique training has empowered me to take my talents to the next level.

-Stacey Chavis (NLC Atlanta '10), named to Atlanta’s 100 Top Black Women of Power.


elizabeth.jpg“Participating in New Leaders Council has been a wonderful opportunity for me as a young professional in many ways. NLC’s leadership training provided me with a broad background of insiders’ knowledge of progressive politics, campaigning and entrepreneurship.

Equally as significant has been the way NLC has greatly expanded my network beyond contacts from college and internships, and into fields where I had previously had few connections, such as journalism and the non-profit sector. NLC has provided me and other fellows with a great mix of educational, professional and social resources in its chapter cities. I had the honor of being part of the first institute in New York City and I look forward to seeing NLC continue to grow and develop as greatly as it has over the past two years.”

-Liz DeMarco | NLC New York Fellow

ellie-hill.jpg“The training, mentoring, and networking I received through my participation in New Leaders Council is the single most critical experience I had that took me from a well-known, progressive, community advocate to now an impassioned, state-wide, elected official.
I am forever appreciative for NLC‘s broad vision and for the diverse friendships and nationwide contacts I have made.”

-Ellie Hill | NLC Co-Founder; Missoula, MT Chapter
Montana State Representative, Named one of Time Magazine’s 40 Under 40 Political Rising Stars

Saraubh.jpg“It is crucial to recognize the changed landscape through which we now travel, and to harness the powerful new tools at our disposal. New Leaders Council continues to teach me how to use those tools, and just as importantly, connects me with like-minded individuals whose progressive values are made manifest through practical application.

Understanding techniques like how to frame an issue, how to connect with an audience, and how to effectively convey one’s ideas and sense of self through public speaking have already helped me in my creative and professional pursuits. As someone looking to incorporate my progressive beliefs into my filmmaking and campaign work, being part of NLC has provided me with the guidance, focus, and pragmatic skills required to fulfill the potential of this important moment.”

-Saraubh Kikani | NLC Los Angeles Fellow

ted-james.jpgNLC has helped train the next generation of progressive political entrepreneurs.

The institute has helped me hone my leadership skills through numerous trainings and seminars among other entrepreneurial framework. These experiences coupled with the life-long friendships and network I have gained through the leadership of NLC have been invaluable.”

-Ted James | NLC Fellow 2010, Louisiana
Attorney, former advisor to Governor Kathleen Blanco, Elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives in 2011.

albert.jpgNLC was a fundamental element of my education as a professional. In addition to acquiring invaluable, tangible skill sets in political entrepreneurship, I have met truly passionate people in diverse industries.

The NLC family and friends have inspired me to continue being involved and have envisioned new leadership for our generation. I highly recommend this program for emerging leaders across the nation.”

-Albert Hwu | NLC San Francisco Fellow

emanuel-pleitez.jpg“Diversity is one of the keys of New Leaders Council. We’re a progressive movement. Diversity needs to be at the forefront of that movement.

We have individuals from all sects of society coming together to form our own little melting pot.”

-Emanuel Pleitez | NLC Advisory Board Member, Los Angeles

Consultant with McKinsey & Company, Chair of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Former Special Assistant to Chairman Paul Vocker in the U.S Treasury.

jake-whitman.jpgSTARS was born out of NLC. At the beginning of the Fellowship, STARS was just an idea. By May, STARS was on its way to being a full-fledged organization. Five of my Board members come fromNLC, including my mentor, and I use the skills I learned during the trainings on a daily basis to drive my organization forward. The connections I made and strategies I learned are the single biggest reason I am doing what I am today.“

- Jake Whitman | 2011 NLC Fellow, Philadelphia

Founder and Executive Director of STARS, a Philadelphia-based non-profit, which uses sports to drastically change the life path of students by comprehensively supporting athletic departments in low-income schools.

edmond.jpg“When I first heard about the New Leaders Council Institute, I was immediately intrigued. I was in the second year of a two-year Master’s degree program in health policy and was feeling the desire to acquire a more comprehensive skill set for pursuing progressive ideals through professional, political and academic avenues.

I had been involved in local politics before, and had an interest in government and policy that I was able to indulge through my work on the business side of healthcare. However, the NLC offered me an opportunity to really refine the skills needed to participate in the progressive movement more concretely. While the practical aspects of the NLC – presentation skills, campaign training, fundraising basics – were invaluable, by far the best part of the experience was the connection made among all the fellows.

The 2009 fellows had rich and diverse backgrounds which made every discussion, every interaction a learning experience. And, our connection has extended beyond the five months of the institute; we regularly gather to catch up, brainstorm and network. Already, the accomplishments of my classmates have impressed me and I feel lucky to count myself as an NLC alum.”

-Sarah K. Emond | MPP, NLC Boston Fellow 2009