On the Rise: 5 NLC leaders elected yesterday

On the Rise: 5 NLC leaders elected yesterday

As polls closed in local elections across the country yesterday, several members of the NLC community were celebrating big victories! From school board to mayor, NLC leaders are committing to public service and will work to build their communities. Check out some of their stories:

nick.jpgNick Melvoin (NLC Los Angeles ’15) won a huge victory and was elected to the Los Angeles Unified School District Board. Nick ran for school board because he knows that better isn't just possible, it's what kids deserve. Nick’s 2015 Institute capstone project involved deciding to run and mapping out the beginning ideas for his campaign. Congratulations, Nick!

ana.jpgAna del Rocío (NLC Portland Founding Board) was elected to the David Douglas School Board. Ana has been a voice for education justice and ran to fight so that every child would have a fair shot at a great education. Congratulations, Ana!

matt.jpgMatt Shorraw (NLC Pittsburgh ’17) was elected Mayor of Monnessen, PA. Matt campaigned on platforms of economic development, building relationships with youth, and tackling the opioid problem. Congratulations, Matt!

marita.pngMarita Garrett (NLC Pittsburgh Advisory Board) was elected Mayor of Wilkinsburg, PA. Marita previously served as a member of the city council where she has worked on key initiatives including a quarterly series of community conversations around local issues. Congratulations, Marita!

katherine.jpgKatherine Stephens (NLC Capital District NY ’17) was elected to the Board of Education in the City of Schenectady, NY. Katherine is a creator, collaborator, and community builder who will work to strengthen resources for students, support teachers, and grow STEAM programs in schools. Congratulations, Katherine!

Join us in congratulating these folks from the NLC community on their election victories!