Meet the 21 NLC leaders who won on Election Day

Meet the 21 NLC leaders who won on Election Day

Progressives made big strides across the country last night with voters clearly turning their backs on hateful and divisive rhetoric and policies, and turning to those with positive messages of inclusion and progress.  We're proud of the many individuals in our community who stepped up and ran for office and for those who put in their blood, sweat and tears to get progressives elected.


Nathaniel Anderson (NLC NJ Advisory Board)
Township Council, Willingboro, NJ

As a Councilman in Willingboro, NJ, Nat has worked to make it a place where families and businesses can thrive. Congratulations, Nat! 



Marshall Archer (NLC Maine ’15)
City Council, Saco, ME 

Marshall’s run for Council was focused on improving the quality of life for residents of Saco.  He believes the community is in a unique position to benefit from economic development without losing its historical identity. Congratulations, Marshall!



Jennifer Bacon (NLC Denver Advisory Board)
Board of Education Member, Denver Public Schools

Jennifer is an educator, school administrator, lawyer, community organizer and now a member-elect of the Denver Public Schools Board of Education. Congratulations, Jennifer! 



Kim Case, NLC New Jersey '11
Board of Education, Long Hill Township, NJ

Kim believes that the quality of our children's education must remain a paramount priority for our communities and that we must continue to advocate for resources and excellence in our schools.  Congratulations, Kim! 



Ian Cain (NLC Boston ’11)
City Council, Quincy, MA

Coming from four generations of Quincy residents, Ian is focused on ensuring the future of Quincy works for its families and communities.  Congratulations, Ian! 



Angela Cobián (NLC Denver Advisory Board)
Board of Education Member, Denver Public Schools 

As a former teacher, Angela has witnessed the profound impact educators can have with students and families. As a school board member, she will enact policies that create the conditions for schools to be units of positive change. Congratulations, Angela!



Phillipe Cunningham (NLC Twin Cities '16)
City Council, Minneapolis

Phillipe ran for Council because to be a champion who will proactively fight to bring the resources and opportunities needed to move his community toward the vision of a prosperous and thriving Northside for those who already call it home.


Sue Deigaard (NLC Houston ’15)
Trustee, Houston Independent School District

Sue’s campaign focused on developing the Houston Independent School District into a national model for 21st century urban districts, through collaborative and innovative leadership.  Congratulations Sue! 



Dan Futrell (NLC Boston ’11)
School Committee, Somerville, MA

As a member of the Somerville School Committee, Dan has focused on balancing social and emotional learning against the traditional requirements within math and English instruction. Congratulations, Dan! 



Marita Garrett (NLC Pittsburgh Advisory Board)
Mayor, City of Wilkinsburg

As the Mayor of Wilkinsburg, Marita will be an advocate to ensure all voices are represented and will proactivity bring resources into the community.  Congratulations, Marita! 



Vin Gopal (NLC New Jersey Advisory Board)
State Senate, New Jersey

As the first Indian-American elected to the NJ State Senate, Vin will fight to grow the local economy, fund schools, require equal pay for equal work, protect women’s health, fight to reduce gun violence and reduce the property tax burden.  Congratulations, Vin! 



Chris LaTondresse (NLC Washington DC '15)
Board of Education Member, Hopkins Public Schools, Hopkins, MN

Chris ran for school board because he believes that no matter where you’re from, the money your parents make, or the color of your skin, when you walk through the doors of our schools you’re going to get a world class education. Congratulations, Chris!


Shayla J. Nealy (NLC Atlanta '12)
City Council, Atlanta

Shayla is one of the community's final decision-makers, devoting her official time to problems of basic policy and is a liaison between the city and the general public. In just three and a half years as a Councilwoman, she has helped to secure five large Fortune 500 companies along with several million dollars in private investments and acquired nearly $500,000 in federal funding. Congratulations, Shayla! 



Maggie Rice (NLC New Hampshire ’17)
City Council, Keene, NH

Maggie is looking to attract and retain more young people to the community of Keene, NH, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and financially robust community. Congratulations, Maggie! 



Jack Schnirman (NLC New York City Advisory Board)
County Comptroller, Nassau County, NY

Jack will use his proven record of turning around broken and corrupt government finances to stop wasting Nassau County residents’ tax dollars.  Congratulations, Jack! 



Matthew Sharrow (NLC Pittsburgh ’17)
Mayor, City of Monessen

Matt campaigned on platforms of economic development, building relationships with youth, and tackling the opioid problem. Congratulations, Matt!



Troy Singleton (NLC New Jersey Honorary Co-Chair)
State Senate, New Jersey

Troy has had a rapid rise to the highest levels of management in the New Jersey Legislature, from Legislative staffer, to Assemblyman, and now Senator-elect, due to his talent for assessing, developing, and implementing legislative responses to major public policy challenges. Congratulations, Troy! 



Ashli Stempel (NLC Boston ’12)
Council, Greenfield, MA

Born and raised in Greenfield, Ashli feels a sense of pride and responsibility to lead Greenfield and expand opportunity for our neighborhoods and for Greenfield as a whole. Congratulations, Ashli! 



Anne Sung (NLC Houston ’15)
Trustee, Houston Independent School District

Anne is committed to promoting efforts to develop policies to increase meaningful instruction, including the arts so that each child has a real shot at the American dream. Congratulations, Anne!



Barbara Anne Washington (CBCI Political Boot Camp)
State House, Missouri

Barbara Anne is a passionate advocate, powerful voice and proven leader in Missouri.  Congratulations, Barbara Anne! 



Matt Westmoreland (NLC Atlanta ’13)
City Council, Atlanta

Matt ran a campaign focused on brining people from different neighborhoods and diverse backgrounds together to solve problems and achieve progress. Congratulations, Matt! 


And Congratulations to the following, who are still in the game and heading to upcoming runoffs.


Jason Dozier (NLC Atlanta ‘16)

City Council – District 4, Atlanta, GA


Bee Nguyen (NLC Atlanta ‘16)

State Representative – District 89, Georgia


James Solomon (NLC New Jersey ’15)

City Council – Ward E, Jersey City, NJ


Rebecca Symes (NLC New Jersey ’15)

City Council – Ward E, Jersey City, NJ


Nikema Williams (NLC Atlanta ’13)

State Senate – District 39, Georgia