Meet the Spark! Talk presenters at #NLCConvention

Meet the Spark! Talk presenters at #NLCConvention

Reason number one to be excited about NLC Convention this year? The 19 NLC Spark! Talks that will be part of the weekend.

NLC Spark! Talks are short, passionate, and inspiring discussions of the plans and policy impact of individual NLC members. Each spark talk is written by and presented by a member of the community, specifically for our NLC community.

This year we have an incredible group of presenters -- from longtime NLC'ers to new alumni -- discussing a vast array of topics. We invite you to join us in Houston to discuss the power of millennials, future of workers, and more. 

You can meet the Spark! Talk presenters and register to join us here! 

Meet the 2018 Spark! Talk presenters:

David Azevedo: Moving LA into an Age Friendly Future
NLC Los Angeles
Ravesa Bajo: Refugee Blues: The Art of People Powering
NLC New York City 
Natasha Baker: Ending The Shackling of Kids: What Is Happening In Your Community?
NLC Silicon Valley & NLC Washington DC
Julie Barton: Why Progressives Should Care about Kids' Books
NLC San Francisco 
Geena Batista: Puerto Rico: Commonwealth or Colony?
NLC Broward
James Chan: The Rising Power of the Quiet Asian Americans
NLC Tampa Bay
Chris Chu de León: Universal Basic Income: Eliminating Extreme Poverty and Reclaiming Racial Justice
NLC New York City
Joy Dixon: Power Rising: Women of Color and the Path to Leadership
NLC Tallahassee
Travis Escobar: Power of Millennials
NLC Rhode Island
Kristin Garcia: Imagining an Equitable Future for Workers
NLC San Francisco 
Mark Greene: Help Wanted: Progressive Voices on Wall Street
NLC Wisconsin
Amy Handler: Jane Doe
NLC North Carolina
Debbie Origho Manigat: Your Life Matters
NLC Palm Beach
Andrea McChristian: Building a Prison to School Pipeline
NLC New Jersey
Ashley Nealy: Don't Flee the Feds
NLC Atlanta
Naushaba Patel: Global Health Through a Pakistani Queer Muslim Immigrant Backpacker's Perspective
NLC Houston
Aviva Rosman: Let's Get Down(ballot)
NLC Chicago
Maria Town: Three Generations of Ableism Is Enough
NLC Washington, DC & NLC Houston
Kimberly Weaver: We Live in a Place
NLC Montana