NLC stands against discrimination

NLC stands against discrimination

We have watched in disappointment as North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and other states and communities have passed legislation to try to turn back the progress that we’ve made in creating a more inclusive country. Our NLC leaders in North Carolina are taking a stand.

I’m proud that our NLC North Carolina’s chapter directors, Andrew Barnhill and Akilah Ensley, are actively working to roll back this legislation and are speaking out against these kinds of institutionalized discrimination.

Laws like HB2 in North Carolina are passing all over the country because of a well funded and organized effort by conservatives who long to turn back the clock to the 1950’s. Enough is enough.

As NLC leaders we strongly oppose laws like HB2 and believe in the simple motto of equal opportunity for all and special privileges for none. It is why diversity and inclusion are at the very heart of NLC. It is why we're committed to selecting diverse fellows every year. It is why we have diversity training as part of our Institute and have a national diversity committee. NLC is a true reflection of the future.

With your support, NLC will continue stand up to any discrimination.


Mark Riddle
NLC Executive Director

James Woodson
NLC National Diversity Committee Chair