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"How the local progressive movement lost its footing and how it plans to get it back"

intent was to dissuade people from getting involved,” Parent says, “but I don’t think that’s going to be a successful tactic in the long run. The people that we are recruiting have a stated interest in doing something meaningful with their lives, and we’re doing the best we can to equip them for that.”

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It's about People.Progress.Results.

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As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, New Leaders Council is busy preparing for a busy summer so I wanted to update you on what we’re up to and ways you can share in the excitement of our growing organization.

News of NLC’s impact and growth has really begun to spread. Earlier this month, our organization was featured in a Huffington Post column, written by Brian Lucas, a 2012 NLC Fellow from the Washington, DC chapter.

Brian shares his NLC Institute experience with HuffPo readers, giving them a flavor for the extraordinary movement that is taking place within our organization. He sums it up with these powerful words…

“It is our turn. It is time for the next generation of progressive leaders to get behind the wheels, power-shift gears, and start driving our future… In short, we will be doing our part to make the world a better place.”  

Click here to read Brian’s entire HuffPo column.

More evidence of NLC’s expanding achievement comes in the success of our chapter fundraisers. All of our chapters are doing an amazing job working to raise critical funding for next year’s class of NLC Fellows.

I want to personally thank  NLC staff and volunteers across the country, who are working so hard to make these fundamental events possible.

With most of the chapter fundraising events behind us for now, NLC’s West Coast Conversation is right around the corner, June 21-23 in Silicon Valley. The West Coast weekend offers a unique opportunity to network and learn from leading policy and strategy experts and we hope you will make plans to join us.

To reserve your spot at this year’s West Coast Conversation, please contact Matt Tompkins at:

Speaking of outstanding events, NLC’s Annual National Leadership Retreat will be held August 3-5 in Atlanta, Georgia. The retreat will bring together representatives from each of our 20 existing chapters as well as some new faces from among the 14 NLC chapters currently under development, to share ideas and brainstorm about next steps for the organization.

For more information about NLC’s Annual National Leadership Retreat, please contact Matti Miranda at

As a reminder, we have updated the NLC website to better reflect the people, results and progress to-date of New Leaders Council. If you haven’t already, I urge you to check it out at:

While you are on our site, please consider lending your support to helping us continue the unprecedented expansion we have been experienced. Your help is most appreciated and necessary for sustaining the future of the progressive movement.


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By: Brian Lucas via Huffington Post.

Just what had I gotten myself into? A few months ago, I was honored to be selected as a 2012 fellow for the D.C. Chapter of the New Leaders Council (NLC), a national non-profit dedicated to training and connecting the next generation of progressive political entrepreneurs.

There was elation in the room -- almost palpable -- when our class of fellows finally convened early on a Saturday morning in January. Months after the nomination and application process, the interviews and, ultimately, selection (which occurred just in time for the holidays), we spoke to each other in what began our first group activity. In a session reminiscent of Christmas Day, we began to unwrap each other, introducing our partners to the group, and unveiling a high-quality mélange of young professionals. We came to see a distinguished collection of individuals with a commitment to progressive values and a demonstrated capacity to get things done.

A motley array of public, private, and non-profit sector professionals from across the country, the class resembles what America's political landscape may look like in some 20 years: 50 percent women and 60 percent minorities in the NLC-DC chapter. Keenan Austin, a vivacious African American aide to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, would later comment, "The diversity of our class reflects the progressive values and vision the organization carries in shaping a more just nation. We are really following the constitutional vision of our founding fathers to continuously strive for 'a more Perfect Union.'"

The fellowship training was also a top-notch showcase, bringing in A+ grade speakers into the luxury executive meeting room with a crystal-clear view of the White House. That first day we left through the revolving doors onto Pennsylvania Avenue, refreshed and revitalized, and with a sense that our group could really change the world. After only three months, I can honestly say that we will never again be the same.

The District of Columbia is a natural epicenter for new political talent, luring all types from ambitious former senior class presidents to collegiate activists who have started human rights or labor campaigns, excited to take their leadership to the next level in our nation's capital. The 22 fellows are the cream of the crop, promising minds committed to remedying economic and social ills, new and old. Sharing common progressive values and an overall common goal, we were drawn to NLC seeking the answer to a simple question: "How do I do it?"

The NLC Fellow Institute is a national, volunteer-run 501 (c) 3, 5-month rigorous training program for a diverse yet select group of young professionals (age 24 - 35). The NLC recruits its high-caliber applicants through professional referrals. At once-monthly Institute seminars, experts provide advanced training in entrepreneurship, communications and marketing, fundraising and campaign management, public speaking and speech writing, and political technology and public relations. NLC combines leadership development training with mentoring, networking, and job placement opportunities, so that the Fellows will learn how to translate education into action and retain their new skills.

Sharing this life-altering opportunity with such a dynamic, enthusiastic, and promising crop of dreamers and achievers, is inspiring, as is witnessing the transition as we realize how to build on the abilities, skills, and knowledge we already possess. We fellows are undergoing the realization of the selves lying dormant within us, and NLC is helping to trace the path between where we stand now and the world that we dream to live to see.

One outstanding trainer, Jake Brewer, Strategist and Campaign Architect for Fission Strategy, challenged us by asking, "How big is your agenda?" We giggled at the question, unsure whether to voice the audacity of our visions for the world in the coming decade and beyond. In a word, for us, our agenda is "unlimited." That is the nature of progressives to hold a vision of a world worth working for and to never be satisfied with the status quo as long as our environment is in peril and human potential is squandered by inequity and injustice. Until then, time is our best friend.

While NLC is volunteer-run, it still has to meet certain costs so that the fellows can participate free of charge. So each chapter concludes their program with a fundraiser to raise money for the next class of fellows. Our chapter's fundraiser, "PUNDITS, POLITICIANS and PROGRESSIVES: an Evening Reception for NLC" will be held on Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at Opera Ultra Lounge, 1400 I Street, N.W. The evening will feature remarks noteworthy progressive leaders Krystal Ball, Robert Raben, and Congressmen Jared Polis and Keith Ellison, as well as cocktails, and music. There we will honor of the 2012 Leadership Institute class of fellows.

Another fellow '12, Matt Kaplan, a senior consultant at Booz-Allen Hamilton, and a former captain of the Oberlin college basketball team, shared his insightful view on his generation, "The Millennials have good ideas to move America forward and we are not going to wait on the sidelines to get into the game."

It is our turn. It is time for the next generation of progressive leaders to get behind the wheels, power-shift gears, and start driving our future. In the not-distant future I see fellows representing Pakistani-American communities with the federal government, introducing an economic redevelopment plan for Ohio, running for local and national office and counseling elected officials, pioneering new technology to delicately advise Arab Spring countries transitioning into fledgling democracies, advocating for 10 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people all over the nation, managing public relations firms, hosting a national talk radio and television shows, and leading non-profit and for-profit organizations. In short, we will be doing our part to make the world a better place.

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Many thanks to the New York City NLC Chapter, our hosts for the weekend; CUNY Baruch; our Board of Directors, led by Chairman Mark Walsh; and of course our dynamic panelists who provided us with insight and ideas about how New Leaders Council and progressives at large can create sustainable social change.

Panelists Hilary Doe and Emily Sussman discuss building a progressive future

Northeast Conversation participants review the agenda and panelist bios

Professor Joel Rogers of University of Wisconsin-Madison, with New York State Senator Liz Krueger

Northeast Conversation panel guest and Kentucky State Auditor, Adam Edelen

Northeast Conversation keynote speaker and former Chairman of Northwest Airlines, Al Checchi

Click here to view full gallery of images from the 2012 Northeast Conversation on Facebook

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Rally for the Future
If you believe small donors can make a big impact on promoting progressive causes. We want you to help New Leaders Council as we team with and Netroots Nation as a Featured Cause in the first ever Raise the Future contest.

From now until May 20th, activists from around the country will begin fundraising for progressive causes for the chance to win an all-access pass to Netroots Nation 2012. That’s VIP all access to the foremost conference on technology and politics.


It’s easy to participate. Sign up to become a “Fan Fundraiser” for New Leaders Council, then begin recruiting your friends to help and sharing your story about why NLC matters.

Everyone who enters has a month to get donors to sign on to their team. At the end of the month, 20 finalists will be chosen based on the number of friends recruited. Then 10 winners will receive an all-access pass to Netroots Nation, hotel accommodations and a private reception with political-tech influencers hosted by

This is an amazing opportunity to showcase not only why NLC is an important progressive cause but how we can  unleash the power of social fundraising for progressive good. Help NLC Raise the Future today!

For information and to enter, visit

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The power of the New Leaders Council is our people, our results and our future-oriented mission of training the next generation of progressive leaders.

The video features NLC Chairman Mark Walsh, former Facebook executive Chris Kelly, former Center for American Progress development director Anna Edwards, NLC Executive Director Mark Riddle, NLC Founders Adam Borelli, Noah Doyle and Mike Moschella, NLC communications director Lauren Brown Jarvis and outstanding NLC leaders from all corners of America.

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With the coming Spring, we want to announce the re-launch of our New Leaders Council website, update you on the latest highlights and happenings from NLC and share with you some ways you can be a part of our success.

We are proud to share the news of our updated website, which better reflects the people, results and progress to-date of New Leaders Council. This is the first step toward a fully-updated social media platform and we urge you to check it out! Go to:

Already this year, several NLC Institutes have been held in each of our 20 chapter cities, resulting in an increase to our NLC network of leadership-ready young progressives across the nation.

Our Institute Fellows are making a positive impact in their communities in a variety of ways. Like Philadelphia graduate, Jake Whitman who, as Executive Director of the non-profit Sports Teaching and Reaching Students (STARS), works to help low-income students get the resources they need to support athletic programs in their schools.

Also in the spotlight is New York graduate and COO of, Aria Finger who was named to Crain’s 2012 Class of 40 Under 40 for her work focused on teen philanthropy.

Or the entire Montana NLC chapter, which is sponsoring a Congressional debate later this week in Missoula, giving all Montanans access to candidates for the state’s only congressional seat.

In March, expert panelists, NLC Fellows and supporters attended our inaugural Northeast Conversation in New York City. The event was an outstanding way to bring progressives together to discuss ways we can impact the future of the movement.

Following the success of the Northeast Conversation, we are hosting a similar event, our West Coast Conversation, in Silicon Valley June 21-23. We are working to put together a can’t-miss strategy and policy event for those interested in being part of the next generation of leadership and we hope you will join us for this extraordinary opportunity.

As for what’s in the NLC pipeline, we have an astonishing 14 new chapter charters in development and, with your support, our numbers will have nearly doubled by the end of the year!

We need your help now as part of our April Fundraising Drive.

In order to pay for our expansion efforts, social media upgrades and outreach, NLC must meet our goal of raising $75,000 by the end of the month. Please support our efforts today with your contribution. 

I’d like to end on a note of gratitude. NLC is on the move and we appreciate all that you do to make that possible. I hope to see you soon at our NLC events.

Best wishes,

Mark Riddle
Executive Director

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New Leaders Council looks forward to seeing you at the 1st Annual Northeast Conversation. Participants will take part in a deep dialogue with an outstanding set of experts in change leadership, non-profits, progressive economy, politics and business.

Saturday, March 3, Progressive Job Fair 9:00 am-12:00pm

Northeast Conversation 10:00am

CUNY Baruch

55 Lexington Avenue, 14th Floor,

New York, New York

Meeting Room # 14-220, 14-280, 14-285



New Leaders Council is the premier progressive training institute for social and political entrepreneurs. Northeast Conversation is open to NLC members, supporters and the greater Northeast Community. Conversation panelists include Senator Liz Krueger, NYU Stern School of Business Professor, Lawrence J. White, National Director, Roosevelt Institute, Hilary Doe, MSNBC’s and the’s Perry Bacon, Jr., Michael Moschella, Truman National Security Project, Political Director and former Facebook Executive, Chris Kelly. Author and former CEO of Northwest Airlines Al Checchi, will give the keynote address.

New Leaders Council consists of 20 chapters across the nation, yet, the roots of our organization are deep in the Northeast. Connecting our members, thought leaders and the community at large for a discussion is an ambitions but necessary aim.

NLC knows coming together has the potential to convert conversation, to action, action to change. Northeast Conversation will examine how we protect America’s true values of equality, prosperity and peace.


New Leaders Council is also thrilled to have City Limits, New York as an official media partner for our Northeast Conversation. Their record of insightful investigative journalism proves how a just society, a progressive one, respect freedom of the press and promotes its participation by reflecting who we are for better and worse.


It's about People.Progress.Results.

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For those of us who survived last year's retreat in New Orleans, I assure you Atlanta has a different kind of heat. Less about meteorology and more about hospitality. A good time will be had. Book your tickets to the ATL kids, retreat will be held August 3-5, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. We bet you won't get crunk.

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NLC wants you in the building, Saturday, March 3, 2012, when we host our first Northeast Conversation at CUNY Baruch in New York City!

The conversation will be led by top progressive thought leaders and key influencers from the NLC community. A job fair will also be held for anyone looking to transition to the next level in their career. Special rates are available for students and NLC members. Bring a friend and prepare yourself for a powerful day of networking and dialogue.

Registration is open, make sure to reserve your seat today!

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