NLC Members Invited to WH Briefing

NLC Members Invited to WH Briefing

NLC Community Members Invited to a White House Briefing

Members of the NLC community are recognized as next generation leaders of the progressive community, nationwide. As such, several members of the NLC community were invited to a briefing at the White House on December 4. Most impressively, President Obama joined the briefing, speaking candidly about the top issues of the day. Also of note was the breadth of NLC communities represented in our Nation’s Capitol; members of the NLC community from New York to Miami were present in a conference of about 100 participants.

Current chapter board members, past NLC Fellows from Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. joined young professionals from across the country for this briefing and held a post briefing reception of for participants and friends. Participants were also invited to a special Christmas Tour of the East Wing of the White House, which displayed beautiful Christmas decor and allowed us to meet Sunny Obama.



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