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NLC Tallahassee was founded in 2013. You can follow NLC Tallahassee on Facebook.

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New Leaders Council is only possible because of our tremendous volunteers and supporters in communities across the country. (Back to All Chapters)

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Chapter Directors

Joy Dixon,

Samantha Sexton,

Tallahassee Advisory Board and Roles

- Communications
Co-Chairs: Kim Armstrong and Audrey Kidwell
Committee Chair: Lily Wells
- Institute
Co-Chairs: Sarah Shuler and Kimberley Diaz
Committee Chair: Audrey Kidwell
Co-Chairs: Tineshia Morris and Vince Evans
-Recruitment and Outreach
Co-Chairs: Lauren Calmet and Alexis Simoneau
Committee Chair: Evan Ernst
Co-Chair: Adrian Mood and Lily Wells
Committee Chair: Haymanot Belda
Co Chair: Carlos Nathan and Adela Ghadimi
Committee Chairs: Kyle McIntire and Haymanot Belda
-NLC 4 Liason: Max Herle
-Parliamentarian: Tineshia Morris