New Leaders Council Announces Creation of Progressive Millennial Compact with America at Millennial Issues Forum

New Leaders Council Announces Creation of Progressive Millennial Compact with America at Millennial Issues Forum

PHILADELPHIA (July 26, 2016) – New Leaders Council (NLC) together with CALinnovates today hosted the Millennial Issues Forum during the Democratic National Convention. NLC announced that it will craft the Progressive Millennial Compact with America, a comprehensive plan to solve our nation’s social justice and inequality issues through robust economic policy, investment in our communities, and revitalization of our democratic processes.

The Millennial Issues Forum included keynote addresses and two panel discussions on the role of the millennial generation to advance the innovation economy and ensure its inclusivity, as well as the role of the millennial in the 2016 national election. NLC was honored to have Congressman Steny Hoyer participate in the forum.

“Millennials must play a critical role in advancing the innovation economy. Our forum to organize the experiences of members of the NLC community who have started and work in technology-driven businesses as well as those in the public policy sector will be a significant part of our 2016-2017 work. Through the Progressive Millennial Compact with America, NLC will move the innovation economy forward and ensure all Americans enjoy its benefits. “ – Chris Kelly, NLC Chairman 

“NLC continues to train and organize young professionals. The work we're doing through the NLC Institute, and events like the Millennial Issues Forum, are key to ensuring the millennial generation takes the helm of civic service.” – Michael Blake, NLC National Honorary Co-Chair

The Progressive Millennial Compact with America will be presented next year at NLC’s 11th annual Leadership Retreat. The Compact will build upon the ideas outlined in the recently released Building America’s 21st Century Innovation Economy report by NLC.

“The challenge for the presidential candidates, and for all of us, is to understand who Millennials are and to collaborate with them toward a meaningful policy agenda. That's why events like today's Millennial Issues Forum are so important -- to have a dialog with millennials on a path forward.” – Kish Rajan, CALinnovates Chief Evangelist


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Notes to Editors:

About NLC:

New Leaders Council (NLC) is a 501(c)(3) that works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow — trendsetters, elected officials and civically-engaged leaders in business and industry who will shape the future landscape. 

NLC recruits Fellows from outside traditional power structures and equips them with the skills necessary to be civic leaders in their communities and workplaces. Our mission is realized primarily through the NLC Institute; the nation’s premiere political entrepreneurship training program.

NLC graduates are an ever-expanding corps of diverse, new progressive leaders who are rising to the top of their respective fields. NLC empowers progressive millennial leaders to impact communities with nearly 4,000 alumni from 45 chapters across the nation. 

NLC is proud to have Senator Tim Kaine (VA), Assemblyman Michael Blake (NY), and Hon. Fiona Ma (CA) as National Honorary Co-Chairs.