New Hampshire Partnership Application






America Votes New Hampshire and New Leaders Council are excited to announce a new, dynamic partnership to strengthen the progressive movement in New Hampshire.  We seek to do this by identifying more individuals, leaders and future elected officials to bring into the programs of America Votes and other civic engagement organizations.  NLC is a transformative professional development and networking opportunity that is accessible to anyone with an interested in making a difference in the New Hampshire community.  Fellows will begin with an assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, and goals and continue through an institute program to provide them soft and hard skills needed for community organizing and political management.


2015 Institute Dates

  • Saturday June 20 (Full Day)
    •  Life Entrepreneurship     
  • Tuesday July 14 (Half Day)
    • Strategic Communications/Public Speaking
  • Tuesday August 11 (Half Day)
    • Political Fundraising
  • Saturday September 19 (Full Day)
    •         Political Management



Paula Hodges, America Votes State Director


Courtney Madden, NLC National Programs Director






  1. Resume and professional background.
    Please provide a copy of your resume, civic involvement, and educational background.

  2. What does it mean to be a progressive?
    Please use no more than 600 words. What issues or initiatives are important to you? How do these concerns demonstrate your progressive values? How can our progressive principles be the solution in these areas?

  3. What are you hoping to gain from participation in the America Votes/NLC New Hampshire Fellowship?
    Please use no more than 600 words. What skill sets would you like to improve upon? What do you hope to learn from your cohort fellows? What lessons or perspectives do you look forward to sharing with your cohort fellows?

  4. Are you a member of or affiliated with an American Votes partner?
    Please list your organization and affiliation. Note: this question is for informational purposes only and will not be considered in the selections process.